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Sept. 1, 2005
ALL-FLO Pump introduces Solenoid Control for air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps.

Solenoid control

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ALL-FLO Pump introduces Solenoid Control for air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. The solenoid control valve is used for remote, electrical control of the pump via a PC, PLC, relay or switch. With the solenoid, the pump can be operated from any work station which is networked with the solenoid. The solenoid controlled pump is ideal for applications where the pump is an integral component of a process and ‘on demand’ fluid transfer is needed. This feature is available in 3/8 in., ½ in., 1 in., 1-½ in., 2 in. and 3 in. pumps. ALL-FLO Pump Co., Mentor, OH, 440-354-1700,

Waterfront protection

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R.I.’s Scarborough Beach, with assistance from AbTech Industries, was recognized by NRDC as one of three top performers in the nation for protecting beachgoers from contaminated water. The heart of this team project launched in June 2004 involves diverting flow from stormwater outfalls that feed into public bathing waters through a filtering system using a drainage piping system filled with an antimicrobial material − Smart Sponge Plus − developed and patented by AbTech. AbTech Industries, Scottsdale, AZ, 800-545-8999,

In situ treatment

Adventus Americas Inc., with GfS GmbH and IEG Technologies GmbH, both of Germany, successfully integrated its proprietary EHC and zero valent iron (ZVI) in situ chemical reduction technologies into microbiologically enhanced Ground Circulation Well (mGCW) systems. The combined offering, trademarked as mGCW-RTM, is a reactive well technology for in situ treatment of soil and groundwater containing a wide range of contaminants, including VOCs such as perchlorate, pesticides, chlorinated solvents along with inorganic compounds (e.g. nitrate, sulfate) and heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, etc.). Adventus Americas Inc., Bloomingdale, IL, 888-295-8661,

Chlorine/turbidity meter

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The TC-3000 meter combines a hi-tech microprocessor with a patent pending optical chamber resulting in higher accuracy for low chlorine and turbidity readings. Detection limit for chlorine is 0.02 ppm (range 0-10 ppm). Detection limit for turbidity is 0.05 NTU (range 0-4,000 NTU). The unit also does color to 0.2 cu. It is available in EPA and ISO 7027 versions. The unit also features six languages, datalogging, RS-232, CE mark. LaMotte Co., Chestertown, MD, 800-344-3100,

Flowmeter calibration

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Blue-White’s F-400 Series flowmeters have new calibration options. Air flow calibrations of: 0.75 to 7.5 SCFM /1-10 M3/HR; 0.2 - 2.0 SCFM/.4-3.2 M3/HR; 1 - 12 SCFM/ 2-20 M3/HR; 2 - 20 SCFM/4-34 M3/HR; are now offered on units with 3/8” Female NPT, and ½” Female NPT pipe connections (F-400N Series). Air flow calibrations of: 4 - 45 SCFM/8-80 M3/HR; 5 - 75 SCFM/10-125 M3/HR; 10-80 SCFM / 20 - 140 M3/HR are now offered on units with ¾” Female NPT and 1” Female NPT pipe connections (F-410N Series). Blue-White Industries, Huntington Beach, CA, 714-893-8529,

Nitrogen removal

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AnoxKaldnes Inc., manufacturer of patented LagoonGuard™, MBBR™ and BiofilmChip™, is marketing their proven system, the HYBAS™ treatment process (a type of Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge IFAS process). This system is especially suitable for Nitrogen removal in existing activated sludge systems. It’s able to upgrade existing treatment systems using the onsite tankage to meet new effluent ammonia or even total nitrogen limits. It increases aerobic sludge age of the aerobic basins without increasing the solids loading rate to the secondary clarifiers because it allows the nitrifiers to grow on the biofilm carrier elements. AnoxKaldnes, Providence, RI, 401-270-3898,

Swing check valve

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Asahi/America Inc., a leading thermoplastics manufacturer providing customized solutions for fluid handling systems in a variety of industries, introduces its upgraded Swing Check Valve, that’s ideal for use in water and wastewater treatment plants, landfills and power plants. The enhanced valve features a top bonnet o-ring seal design, which allows for improved pressure rating performance when using elastomeric seal materials. This unique top-entry bonnet design also facilitates maintenance. The valve is available in 3⁄4” to 8” sizes and is rated for full vacuum service. Asahi/America Inc., Malden, MA, 781-321-5409,

Programmable handhelds

The new OpenGL ES 2.0 standard ushers in a new era of photo-realism to handhelds. With its Imageon® technology, ATI Technologies Inc. will be working closely with developers to maximize the functionality of its hardware with this new API. With the introduction of programmable shaders in OpenGL ES 2.0, the industry is poised for an explosion of compelling new content much like was developed following the introduction of kind of functionality for the PC. ATI Technologies Inc., Los Angeles, CA, 905-882-2600,

Data management software

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Antero software, available from AllMax Software, is designed to streamline and simplify maintenance related data management. Features include a new, comprehensive work order section, the ability to list tasks, locate equipment, parts and contractors; track sub-contractors’ parts and labor in conjunction with in-house parts and labor; provide grouping mechanisms to assist in analyzing costs and information by departments, as well as cost responsibility reporting by departments. AllMax Software Inc., Kenton, OH, 800-670-1867,

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