May 1, 2005
Application portals providing information on O2 and CO2 removal from water are new to the website.

Degassing applications online

Application portals providing information on O² and CO² removal from water are new to the website. These added portals highlight how Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors, a Membrana product, are used in various applications, stressing why many industries remove CO² and O² from liquids and how membrane contactors provide an ideal solution for those applications. For example, it’s known O² negatively impacts many processes since it’s corrosive and can oxidize materials. In power and industrial arenas, piping and equipment are susceptible to corrosion. Specifically to the semiconductor market, high levels of O² can cause lower wafer yields. Additionally, CO² negatively impacts performance of EDI and ion exchange.

Membrana, A Polypore Company
Charlotte, NC Tel: 704-587-8596 Web:

Compact ozone generator

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Ozonia is pleased to announce the latest addition to the popular OZAT® CFS range of compact ozone generators, the Model CFS-7. As with all units in this line, the new CFS-7 is an extremely compact (39" x 18" x 32"H), self-contained ozone generator utilizing Ozonia’ proprietary ‘AT’ non-glass dielectric technology. They have a very high output with the lowest specific energy consumption in the industry. This generator produces up to 25 lbs./day of ozone from oxygen and 12 lbs./day from dry air. Technical features include integrated controls, power factor of 0.99, low harmonics (IEEE 519), wall or floor mount, and a robust steel cabinet.

Ozonia North America
Elmwood Park, NJ
Tel: 201-794-3100

Toxic gas shutoff

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Halogen Valve Systems’ Terminator Actuator™ quickly closes 150 lb. toxic gas cylinder valves in three seconds when activated from remote sensors and switches. This fire code approved microprocessor controlled system has a self-contained battery that guarantees the operation of the motorized closing mechanism during a power failure. The system applies 40 foot-pounds of torque during an emergency activation to assure the closure of hazardous gas valves.

Halogen Valve Systems Inc.
Irvine, CA
Tel: 877-476-4222

Wireless I/O modems

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Cirronet Inc. introduces a line of four HopNet wireless I/O modems. It includes the HNIO-091R and HNIO-241R relay modems, which operate at 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz respectively, and the 900 MHz NHIO-091A and 2.4 GHz HNIO-241A analog/digital modems. These feature bidirectional transmission and employ the company’s patented frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, known for its ability to deliver critical data regardless of environment or conditions. Systems integrators can choose the I/O modem best suited to their applications.

Atlanta, GA
Tel: 678-684-2000

Metering pump

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The Moyno® Metering Pump is available in bare shaft, close-coupled and motorized configurations, each delivering smooth, metered flow free from pulsations and variations to prevent material waste or mixture imbalance. The bare shaft configuration provides precise, cost-effective metering for applications requiring a separate drive. Close-coupled units offer a variety of drive options, from a 56C-Face or 140TC-Face motor, gearmotor drive to VSDs.

Moyno Inc., Unit of Robbins & Myers
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966

Economical magmeter

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George Fischer (AWWA Booth #1839) introduces the Signet 2551 Magmeter, an insertion-style, electro-magnetic flow sensor intended for conductive fluid applications that contain particles, solids and fibers. With no moving parts to wear or foul, this new flow sensor virtually eliminates maintenance and related costs. Typical applications include industries such as water and waste treatment, municipal drinking water, public pools and spas, aquariums, scrubbers, cooling towers, plating, beverage manufacturing and power plants. It’s ideal as a replacement for paddlewheel sensors in dirty applications and fits into the same fittings as a retrofit. It also alleviates clogged rotors and decreases downtime.

George Fischer Inc.
Tustin, CA
Tel: 800-854-4090

Membrane antiscalants

Koch Membrane Systems offers its KochTREAT® antiscalants, a line of membrane pretreatment products in five different formulations available in 5-, 55- and 275-gal. containers. Formulated to prevent scaling and inorganic fouling, they’re ideal for enhanced operation of RO systems producing potable water or high purity industrial water. A preventative maintenance program using the antiscalants reduces membrane cleaning requirements and improves system performance. They’re designed for physical and chemical compatibility with thin film composite and cellulose acetate RO membranes. They maintain performance integrity at extreme pH ranges and temperatures and when used as directed won’t precipitate, crystallize or blind the membrane. KMS also offers DOSEPRO™ Dosing Program, a proprietary software package that calculates the appropriate amount of antiscalant required to inhibit precipitation of inorganic scaling species in feedwater.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Tel: 888-677-5624

Hot tapping machine

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Hot tap using Reed’s DM3MECH mechanical drilling machine. With the right hole saw, cut or drill for up to 4" valves on copper, steel, or plastic pipe. Both DM3MECH and DM3MECHB come with a heavy-duty plastic compartmental toolbox. DM3MECH contains the drilling machine, along with with 7/16" hex arbor, 1/4" drill bit, seven hole saws, Allen wrench and toolbox. DM3MECHB is the drilling machine in a toolbox only without hole saws or arbor. These machines require a 1/2" drill motor, valves and fittings that are all sold separately.

Reed Manufacturing Company
Erie, PA
Tel: 800-666-3691

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