Jan. 1, 2005
Acromag unveils its new BusWorks® 900EN I/O modules with EtherNet/IP™ protocol. Each remote I/O module has a built-in Ethernet network port and can operate independently, eliminating the space and expense of buscoupler devices for monitor and control systems.

New I/O modules

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Acromag unveils its new BusWorks® 900EN I/O modules with EtherNet/IP™ protocol. Each remote I/O module has a built-in Ethernet network port and can operate independently, eliminating the space and expense of buscoupler devices for monitor and control systems. They interface up to 12 analog or discrete I/O signals directly to an EtherNet/IP network. Without that buscoupler expense, these I/O modules are able to deliver a far more cost and space-efficient solution.

Acromag Inc.
Wixom, MI
Tel: 800-881-0268

Corrosion prevention

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Water and steam corrosion pose a constant threat to efficient, reliable power plant operation, so on-line continuous liquid analysis helps plants minimize corrosion by helping maintain good plant chemistry. Emerson Process Management has a complete line of Rosemount Analytical on-line sensors and analyzers uniquely designed for the specific requirements of the power industry. This line features advanced automation and communications technology, HART® and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, enabling plant personnel to configure transmitters, read process variables and troubleshoot problems from a PC or host anywhere in the plant.

Emerson Proc. Mgmt., Rosemount Analytical Inc.
Irvine, CA
Tel: 949-757-8500

Pentium M SBCs

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GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Inc.'s Intel® Pentium® M single board computer (SBC) family, which includes the VMIVME-7810, VMICPCI-7806 and new VMIVME-7807, now offers processor speeds at 1.8 GHz. The VMIVME-7810 is a dual-slot VME SBC that integrates up to 4 GB Dual Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM, dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual PMC expansion sites, dual channel SCSI, dual serial ports, an enhanced parallel port, a front panel DVI-I, dual USB ports, UltraDMA 100 IDE, and up to 1 GB CompactFlash.

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems
Huntsville, AL
Tel: 800-322-3616

Dewatering equipment

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Many industries and municipalities cannot afford to maintain or replace old dewatering equipment that no longer operates efficiently. USFilter Dewatering Systems now offers facilities a solution to this costly repair/replace cycle: The Regain Program. This program focuses on rebuilding, refurbishing or optimizing filter presses, belt presses and other dewatering equipment to regain efficiency, throughput and productivity, and to lower costs.

USFilter Dewatering Systems
Holland, MI
Tel: 1-800-245-3006

Rotary encoders

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The RH158 Series Incremental Rotary Encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs feature an industry standard 58 mm diameter housing with a mounting profile of less than two inches, allowing it to fit in tight locations. The hollow shaft configuration allows it to be mounted directly to the application's shaft without couplings, while the torque rest prevents it from rotating. Models come with pulse outputs up to 5,000 ppr, a maximum frequency of 200 kHz and a choice of three or six outputs and a cable connection. Additional features include a 10 mm or 12 mm diameter shaft bore, alarm output and 10-30 VDC or 5 VDC power.

Twinsburg, OH
Tel: 330-486-0001

Electro-magnetic pump

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The new I-Drive® electro-magnetically driven pump from Micropump offers a smaller package size without sacrificing power or capacity. This innovative design utilizes several unique features, including over-molded NdFeB magnets, next-generation surface mount technology and an enhanced heat-sink, all of which lead to a smaller, more reliable and better performing drive and pump/drive assembly.

Micropump Inc.
Vancouver, WA
Tel: 360-253-2008

Ozone, UV disinfection

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WEDECO Inc., an operating unit of ITT Industries Inc., is the largest manufacturer of ultraviolet and ozone water treatment systems worldwide. The company manufactures and delivers UV disinfection and ozone oxidation systems specifically designed for the pharmaceutical markets. The benefits of using UV or ozone include: greater oxidative strength, enhanced disinfection performance, chloramines reduction (no more eye burning or corrosion issues) and reduced chlorine usage.

WEDECO Water Technologies
Charlotte, NC
Tel: 704-409-9785

Corrosion resistant valve

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Hayward's corrosion resistant, all-plastic solenoid valves feature an innovative coil design for superior performance and long service life. The special coil rectifies the AC current, used to power the valve, to DC current, resulting in very low coil operating temperature than otherwise possible and permitting the coil to be rated for 100% continuous duty applications.

Hayward Industrial Products Inc.
Elizabeth, NJ
Tel: 908-351-5400

Drain seals

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New Ultra-DrainSeals and DrainSeal WallMounts allow quick response to spilled chemicals and liquids. These drain seals are molded with a reinforcing mesh between layers of polyurethane. Low cost, durable units are far more tear-resistant than competitive products. Unique urethane construction allows the pad to deform and seal off most drains on contact.

UltraTech International Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
Tel: 800-353-1611

Calibration, repair center

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Dresser Instruments announces the opening of a calibration and repair center for ebro® Instruments in its ISO 9001 certified facility in Stratford, CT. These instruments measure and store temperature, pressure, humidity and oil quality – and can be combined with WINLOG 2000 software that's CFR 21 Part 11 compliant with IQ, OK, PQ and SOP documentation.

Dresser Instruments
Stratford, CT
Tel: 800-328-8258

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