New Products

Dec. 1, 2012
A compilation of products being introduced into the industrial water market.

Sanitary pump diaphragms

Garlock now offers pump diaphragms for demanding sanitary applications, such as air-operated diaphragm pumps for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Made of the company's PTFE diaphragm material and proprietary EPDM backing, the new Gylon® One-Up® pump diaphragms feature the same patented rib construction as the standard industrial One-Up. The diaphragms are designed for use in non-abrasive service, where they provide the same level of chemical resistance and longevity. Supplied with either bolt holes or perimeter sealing beads, the one-piece diaphragms are significantly easier to install than two-piece diaphragms. Garlock Sealing Technologies

Water treatment chemicals

GE has introduced a line of environmentally friendly molybdate-free water treatment chemicals called FoodPro ST8069* and FoodPro ST8070* to prevent corrosion in sterilizers and pasteurizers used in the food and beverage industry. Due to the absence of the expensive raw material molybdate, these new chemicals can be sold at a lower price providing, on average, 30 percent savings when calculated on the treatment costs for one cubic meter of water. GE designed the treatment family for use under soft water conditions where corrosion of food packages and sterilizer equipment can lead to severe problems. GE Power &


Non-metallic construction gives Hobas centrifugally cast, fiberglass reinforced, polymer mortar pipe inherent corrosion resistance without linings or coatings. It is widely used in both new construction and rehab for corrosive environments such as industrial effluents, contaminated drainage and foul air. It is also used for cooling and circulating water lines and is approved for potable water. Hobas Pipe

Slurry pump

ITT Goulds' XHD Extra Heavy Duty Lined Slurry Pump has been designed for the toughest slurry applications. Designed to set new standards for reliability, it can replace existing slurry pumps with minimal baseplate and piping changes and be maintained even while running, with more accessible and adjustable parts than other slurry pumps. ITT Goulds

Gas injection systems

Water and wastewater treatment plants can more efficiently control pH, biological oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved organics and odors with high-performance gas injection systems from Linde North America. The company offers oxygen, ozone and carbon dioxide gas-dissolution systems that can significantly improve treatment process efficiencies while helping utilities meet environmental requirements -- often at a lower cost than existing treatment methods. To decrease biological oxygen demand, dissolved organics and odors, Linde offers the Solvox® process, which provides an effective supplement or replacement to forced air systems. Linde North

Leak detection

Spectronics has introduced the new Spectroline® OPK-342 Industrial Leak Detection Kit. It provides a way to pinpoint the exact source of all leaks in water- and water/glycol-based industrial systems (both static and circulating). At the core of the kit is the Optimax™ 3000 blue light LED inspection flashlight, which is cordless and rechargeable. It is 15 times brighter than regular LED flashlights and has an inspection range of up to 20 feet. Also included in the kit is a 16 oz twin-neck bottle of concentrated WD-802 fluorescent water dye.

Sludge pump

The Bredel SPX peristaltic hose pump reliably handles a variety of harsh materials, including abrasive sewage and slurry, making it ideal for the feeding of primary or thickened sludge to digesters or filter pressers. Advanced hose technology enables the SPX to pump grit-filled sludge dependably for extended periods of time. Unlike other pump types, the highly abrasive nature of sludge does not affect pump life. Bredel Hose

Aeration system

KLa Systems has developed a skid mounted Slot Injector™ manifold system for installation into existing basins without the need to take the basin out of service. The directional injector manifolds can be used in aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches and circular tanks to provide both oxygen transfer and mixing to meet the process requirements. The aerators are fabricated of vinyl ester FRP pipe with polypropylene injectors and a galvanized steel support skid. Either submersible or self-priming pumps can be used. KLa Systems

Self-powered actuators

Asahi/America has introduced the Quarter Master (QM) Remote Cycle™ self-powered actuators. These units consist of a Series 94 electric actuator with self-powered battery and open/close timer mounted to a ball or butterfly valve for use in remote areas where power sources are limited or unavailable. The system features a NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim, on/off switch, adjustable open and interval times via dip switches, and manual override. Asahi/America

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