Products & Services: SCADA & Process Control

Dec. 1, 2012
Collection of SCADA & process control products and services.

Pressure transducer

The new Heise® Model HPK compact pressure transducers, offered by Ashcroft, are available with a choice of pressure and electrical connections. The HPK offers either current or voltage outputs to indicate readings from vacuum through 20,000 psig and absolute ranges to 150 psia. All welded stainless steel construction ensures durability and media compatibility, while an advanced sensor design delivers long term stability and ±0.15% F.S. accuracy. Each pressure transducer is authenticated with a nine-point NIST traceable calibration report. Ashcroft

Valve control

Singer Valve's Multiple Process Control Panel series (MCP-TP) has the ability to monitor multiple processes and remotely control a dual solenoid control valve based on system conditions. The control panel can function as a simple single loop controller (eg. pressure reducing, flow control, level control) or as a multiple loop controller (eg. flow and pressure, or reducing and sustaining). It reads transmitted signals and energizes the dual solenoid pilots on a Singer control valve. Singer

Peristaltic pump switch

Blue-White® has been awarded a patent for its new Peristaltic Pump Safety Switch. The switch stops the pump when the front cover is removed, and the pump will only operate in maintenance mode (a set RPM) while the front cover remains off, protecting the operator while routine pump head maintenance is performed. This patented safety feature is included on all Blue-White Flex-Pro® and ProSeries-M™ Peristaltic Metering Pumps. Blue-White

Turbidity analyzers

Triton TR8 Turbidity Analyzers from Electro-Chemical Devices can be used to monitor turbidity in filter backwash systems to optimize plant efficiency. Turbidity is used to monitor the progress of the cleaning, and when the turbidity returns to a value near the turbidity of the clear well water the backwash cycle is stopped. The analyzer operates over a wide measurement range with output available in multiple units: 0.000 to 9999 FNU, or 0.00 to 3000 ppm, or 0.0 to 3.0 g/l, or 0 to 20 percent. The sensor features an error rate of less than 5 percent of reading with repeatability greater than 1% percent of reading. Electro-Chemical

Ortho-phosphorus monitoring

Reduce chemical costs and meet concentration targets with a ChemScan mini oP for ortho-phosphorus monitoring of sequestrant feed control. A choice where blended phosphate based corrosion inhibitors (poly plus ortho-Phosphate) are used, the monitoring device features a long life LED light source and large I.D. sample tubing to reduce maintenance requirements. ASA

Device manger

Hach has received certification by the FDT Group for its multi-sensor DTM (device type manager), available on and as a free software download for the sc200 Universal Controller with Profibus DP. Covering 43 sensors and analyzers and 20 different parameters, the multi-sensor DTM represents the world's broadest portfolio of certified analytical devices for water and wastewater. A Device DTM is software used in FDT frame applications which provides users the ability to configure device parameters and access advanced diagnostic information from any location. Hach

Pump station control

Greyline Instruments has published a brochure on its new Hybrid PSL 5.0 model designed for lift stations, wet wells and storage tanks. The brochure describes the new level controller, which features a new Dual-Technology sensor capability for redundant level monitoring. The controller includes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor and users also can connect a loop-powered pressure sensor for redundant sensing in applications with foam or grease. The PSL 5.0 will continuously recalibrate the pressure sensor and switch automatically back and forth from ultrasonic to the pressure sensor as required. Greyline Instruments

Pump system management

Grundfos Remote Management is an internet-based telemetric system that provides operators with timely information about their pump systems. When an alarm occurs or a value triggers a warning limit the system will send an alarm SMS or email to a mobile phone or computer. Managers can plan on-call schedules months in advance. The schedule determines who is to receive alarms at any given time of the day or night all year round. From a PC, a Smartphone, or a Tablet PC anywhere the recipient can log on to the system and determine the course of action to be taken.

Monitoring software

Exele Information Systems has announced the release of TopView® 6.14 and the TopView Mobile Web App. The web app provides access to TopView alarms and all monitored data values from mobile devices. Support for any platform with a modern browser allows phone, tablet, and desktop access to tag data and alarms. Users can monitor alarms and data values, acknowledge alarms, filter by alarm category, and even examine tag details. The app runs within the mobile browser but appears and operates like an installed mobile application. Exele Information

Flow monitoring

Primary Flow Signal offers solutions for accurate open channel and sewage flow measurement in water/wastewater facilities. Its PFS-HN nozzle is designed for open channel flows and provides accuracy even in excessive pipe slope conditions. Configuration of the PFS-HN also allows the nozzle to manage high velocity flows - handling open channel, sewage, or sludge flows. It is a self-supporting solution that can be used for a wider minimum to maximum flow rate range. The accuracy of the device is +/-2.0% of max rate. It can be used with a number of secondary readout devices. Primary Flow

Transmitter, controllers

Jumo dTrans pH/CR/AS 02 are compact and modular transmitters/controllers that are highly flexible (for example three slots for optional boards) and capable of performing a wide range of tasks. The quality of this series is ensured by production on fully automatic production lines and a final 100% inspection. The extensive spectrum of pH and ORP electrodes, conductivity sensors and accessories allows adaptation to every measuring task. The transmitters feature 4-20 mA and 0-10v signal input for sensors with a standard signal output, such as free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hydrogen peroxide sensors, level probes, and pressure measuring instruments. JUMO Process Control

Chemical scale

The IBC Tote Scale™ from Force Flow allows operators to accurately monitor polymer used in the dewatering process when being fed from IBC type totes. Simply place a tote on the platform and monitoring begins. Systems prevent over and under feed conditions and also enable the documentation of amount fed. The scales are available with the advanced Wizard 4000® Digital Indicator, the SOLO® G2 or the Century® Hydraulic Dial. Force


Phoenix Contact's new ILC 1x1 compact controllers make advanced control options available for small- to medium-sized water systems, including remote assets such as water towers, remote pumping and lift stations, and other distant monitoring sites. The controllers support the Modbus TCP protocol. This means the user can configure and commission in just two steps, no additional programming required. They also feature an SD card slot. Phoenix

Pump station manager

MultiTrode's MultiSmart is an intelligent Pump Station Manager that can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs. With out-of-the-box functionality designed for simplified deployment, the manager combines thousands of dollars in technology, components and engineering into one device. It features the best of PLCs, RTUs and pump controllers in a comprehensive, intuitive package. Pre-programmed logic developed from decades of real-world industry experience is designed to significantly reduce operating costs, decrease energy costs and consumption, and prevent failures, blockages and spills.

Pump control

The Eco Smart Station® from SJE-Rhombus provides an energy efficient solution for pump control in lift station applications. The station integrates the Energy View® controller with the latest variable frequency drive technology into the multiple compartment Arc Armor® enclosure to reduce exposure to arc flash and save energy. The controller is powered by kW Logix® Software. The color touch screen HMI has the ability to provide level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data logging, alarm log, and historical trending. kW Logix™ Software provides up to a 30% energy savings over conventional control methods.

Remote monitoring

RACO Manufacturing continues to add new features to its wireless, web-based remote equipment monitoring and reporting system. The latest is Real Time Data due out in Q4, 2012. Together with centralized WRTU access, Real Time Data gives customers the information they need for comprehensive fleet management. Customizable notification settings, flexible reporting options and increased data storage also provide greater dependability and convenience. RACO Manufacturing and Engineering

Velocity sensor, profiler

Teledyne Isco's LaserFlow™ Velocity Sensor is a non-contacting flow measurement technology for open channels that uses laser Doppler velocity profiling. The sensor technology sees beyond the surface measured by other non-contacting sensors by penetrating the surface for multipoint subsurface velocity readings. The company's accQpro™ Velocity Profiling Flow Meter provides flow rate measurements in large pipes and channels. Its range-gated Pulse-Doppler technology measures velocity distribution to provide extremely accurate flow measurement - even for challenging sites. Teledyne

Air, gas flow meter

The ST100 Flow Meter from Fluid Components International features a variety of communication options, including 4-20 mA analog, frequency/pulse, alarm relays and fully-approved digital communications: HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus and Profibus. The meters measure gas mass flow rate, total flow, temperature and pressure. They feature a plug-in card replacement that can be changed in the field to adapt to changing network communications. Their graphical, multivariable, backlit LCD display provides continuous measurement and alarm status displays. Fluid Components

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