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July 1, 2012
The Ashcroft® Type 1009 Duralife® stainless steel pressure gauge is now available with a ¼" or 6mm OD tubing connection.

Pressure gauge

The Ashcroft® Type 1009 Duralife® stainless steel pressure gauge is now available with a ¼" or 6mm OD tubing connection. This threadless, straight tube design allows the Type 1009 to be directly connected to pressure tubing systems via industry standard ferrule type mechanical grip couplings. This convenient connection eliminates the need for adapters and facilitates quick installation and removal. The optional tubing connection is offered on Ashcroft® 2½" and 3½" Type 1009 gauges with full scale ranges up to 7500 psi.Ashcroft

Piston valve

Danfoss recently redesigned its EV245B servo-operated valve for steam applications. With a longer stroke, the piston valve is suited for a range of clean steam applications as it can heat the medium faster - making it ideal for applications where rapid heating is critical. To enhance versatility, a series of three different compact polymer coil types that simply clip on to the valve were released in January 2012. Covering three temperature ranges, the BB dc coil is ideal for temperatures up to 140°C, while the BB ac and BN dc coil is suitable for temperatures up to 160°C, and the high temperature BQ ac coil can cope with temperatures up to 185°C. Danfoss LLC, Industrial

PTFE membranes

W.L. Gore & Associates recently displayed its polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane filter technology at SEMICON West. The company offers filters for liquid filtration applications in microelectronics processing - including filters for ultrapure water and for high purity chemical processors - achieve higher flow in comparison to other microfiltration technologies.
W. L. Gore & Associates Inc.

ORP sensor

Hamilton Co. has introduced the Polylite Plus ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) sensor, which are part of the company's Arc technology line. The new sensors feature the company's proprietary Polisolve electrolyte, which is stable to most organic solvents, even in harsh environments. These robust sensors deliver reproducible measurements and are ideal for high-pressure water, wastewater and chemical applications. They can be steam-sterilized, autoclaved or cleaned in place. The sensors communicate directly with the process control system, with both analog 4-20 mA and digital Modbus interfaces.Hamilton

Polypropylene tubing

NewAge Industries' Prolite® polypropylene tubing offers general chemical resistance that approaches fluoropolymer. Other properties in common between the two materials include low surface friction, excellent corrosion resistance, and high dielectric strength. Prolite also offers low moisture absorption and light weight, plus it's manufactured from a compound that is NSF-61 (National Sanitation Foundation) certified for drinking water applications. NewAge


Originally developed by Moore Products, Hawk Measurement's Model 140MX is an oscillatory flowmeter which uses a specially designed geometric shape to produce self-induced oscillations. Unlike traditional flowmeters, the 140MX has no moving parts or bluff bodies to wear or jam. It can handle high viscosity fluids and track low flow rates. No piping run requirements simplifies installation and yields cost savings.Hawk Measurement

Ozone destruct unit

IN USA has launched its SOD-O3 Dissolved Ozone Destruct Unit for point-of-use ozone abatement. The system can be integrated on the outlet of any wet processing equipment using ozone. It is used for point of use abatement of residual ozone in the effluents prior to discharging them down the facility drainage system. When the effluent passes through the unit, the built-in UV emitter irradiates the residual ozone in the effluent and decomposes it down to a level well below 1 mg/l. Abating the residual ozone helps extend the life of the drainage system as well as ensuring compliance with EHS guidelines.
IN USA Corp.

Valve position indicator

Netherlocks Safety Systems' Valve Position Indicator (VPI) provides process facility control rooms with a remote signal, allowing personnel to maintain awareness of the current position of handwheel-operated gate valves. The VPI uses a mechanical counter to convert a valve's open and closed positions to electronic signals. This ensures the accuracy of valve status signals sent to the control room. Each VPI is custom built, allowing customers to choose whichever electronic switch they prefer.
Netherlocks Safety Systems

Electromagnetic flow meter

Omega's new plastic body, battery powered, corrosion resistant FMG800 series is a full-bore electromagnetic flow meter that features a built-in rate and total indicator. With no moving parts, the magmeter permits unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements. The flow meter is designed for tracking flow rate and total flow in usage monitoring applications including wells, industrial wastewater, heap leach mining discharge, cooling tower deduct, turf, landscape and other water reclamation applications. Omega

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