Product Showcase

Oct. 1, 2012
Collection of new products of special interest to the industrial water and wastewater markets.

Screening system

Kason has introduced a new Vibroscreen® Dewatering-Clarifying Screener with anti-blinding spray-wash system for separating solid materials from liquids at high rates on a batch or continuous basis. The unit contains a 48" diameter screen in a cylindrical housing supported on a circular base by rugged springs. An imbalanced weight gyratory motor affixed to the housing imparts vibration, causing solid particles to move across the screen and exit through an upper discharge spout, as liquid flows through screen apertures onto a tapered pan and exits through a lower discharge spout. Kason

Sensor cleaning system

The new AC10 Air Blast Spray Cleaner from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) reduces manual sensor cleanings, helping to maintain the accuracy of the Hydra Ammonium and Nitrate Analyzers while decreasing technician time and reducing plant operating costs. The automatic sensor cleaning system helps maintain sensor measurement accuracy in turbid water conditions by preventing the buildup of biofilms and other soft coatings. The cleaning system can be used on single channel and dual channel systems.
Electro-Chemical Devices

Tank covers

Defender™ Tank Covers are custom manufactured from industrial grade materials to fit the profile of new or existing wastewater treatment tanks. The odor control covers contain volatile organic compounds at their source. Low profile structurally supported covers minimize emission treatment volume to reduce the cost of air filtration equipment.
Environetics Inc.

Sampling pump

The new SM100 Sampling Pump Module from General Monitors draws combustible or toxic gases at 0.05 to 1 LPM from monitored areas to a gas detector, making it easier to measure potentially hazardous gases in areas that are too remote, inaccessible, or too cold, hot, or wet for direct sensor monitoring. The module supplies gas for up to three detectors, which is useful for monitoring multiple gases in a single line.
General Monitors

Electric valve actuators

Rotork has introduced the third generation of its IQ range of intelligent, non-intrusive electric valve actuators, which have widespread application throughout industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. The new actuators have advanced features that provide enhanced operational, data logging, and asset management capabilities.
Rotork Controls Inc.

Lining system

In 2005, the Marseal® waterproofing and corrosion resistant lining system from Blair Rubber was selected to rehabilitate a Leachate Water Treatment Facility in Orlando, FL. Two concrete tanks had developed cracks in the floor and walls of both tanks, resulting in leakage. The material, Marseal® 4000, is a 90-mil, peel and stick system. The unique properties of the flexible sheet membranes combined with thermally welded seam construction provide absolute security in primary and secondary containment.
Blair Rubber Co.

Water level meter

The Model 101 P7 Water Level Meter from Solinst features durable PVDF flat tape with laser markings every 1/100 foot or millimeter, certified traceable to National Standards. The tape has high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and electrical efficiency. The P7 Probe is submersible to 1000 ft. Standard Model 101 P2 Water Level Meters with heat embossed markings are also available.
Solinst Canada Ltd.

Strap wrenches

Lowell Corp. has added six new models to its lines of cast iron Simplex and Warnock strap wrenches, tools that make it possible to turn any shape without scratching, denting, or crushing in water and utility applications. Additions to the Simplex standard duty line are the S-1224, the S-1230, and the S-1848. The Warnock additions are the W-1224, the W-1230, and the W-1848. Specs are the same for both lines: handle lengths range from 12" to 18"; strap lengths range from 24" to 48"; and capacities range from 4" to 10". Custom strap lengths are available for both models.
Lowell Corp.

Bimetal thermometers

Ashcroft® bimetal thermometers eliminate the use of mercury to measure temperature. They are available in dial diameters from 2" to 5" and in ranges from -80 to 1000°F (and Celsius equivalents), these instruments are available in standard stem lengths from 2½" through 24" and special order stems up to 60". Ashcroft Maxivision® thermometers provide a fixed rear or bottom stem while the Everyangle™ design allows the stem angle to be adjusted. Ashcroft

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