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May 1, 2012
A compilation of print and digital information resources for the industrial water market.


Dow Microbial Control has launched a new website and a comprehensive educational campaign called "Genuine Glutaraldehyde" intended to help customers distinguish glutaraldehyde from counterfeit product options while simultaneously promoting the benefits of glutaraldehyde. Introduced more than 60 years ago, glutaraldehyde is one of Dow's flagship molecules. This versatile microbiocide offers a host of advantages in applications ranging from high-level disinfection of medical equipment employed in healthcare settings to controlling microbes found in industrial operations such as oilfields and cooling towers to disinfecting poultry and swine facilities.

Dow Microbial Control

Water calculator

Growing Blue has launched the Water Impact Index (WIIX) Calculator, a new web-based tool designed to measure and reduce the impact of human activity on local water resources. Available online at the group's website, the new calculator was designed by Growing Blue founding partner Veolia Water. The calculator expands upon current volume-based water calculators by also taking into account water resource stress factors and water quality. Paired with a traditional cost analysis to identify the ideal return on investment, the calculator represents a truer measurement of impact on a local water resource.

Growing Blue

PVC ball valve

Assured Automation has extended its Ball Valve Line with the addition of the P2 Series full port PVC true union ball valve. A data sheet and tech specs on the series is available on the company's website. Available in ½" to 4" the series offers a variety of advanced features such as a high quality stem and ball support system and a multifunctional locking handle. In addition, the series' Dual Block® system locks the union nuts preventing back-off due to vibration or thermal cycling.

Assured Automation

Flow, level products

Greyline's flow and level product brochure features non-contacting instruments for closed pipe flow. Both portable and permanently installed Doppler flow meters or flow switches measure flow from outside a pipe. They are ideal for raw sewage, sludge, treated effluent, slurries and viscous liquids. The company's open channel flow systems can be calibrated to any flume or weir.

Greyline Instruments Inc.

Bearing fault frequencies

Ludeca has created normalized bearing information that contains approximated bearing fault frequencies without the need to know the manufacturer and other difficult to obtain bearing information. The data is available for download at This information allows the analyst to correlate vibration data to specific components in the equipment that may be in some stage of failure. Correctly addressing these failure conditions will increase equipment reliability resulting in greater uptime, increased capacity, improved product quality, better safety, lower costs, and reduced risks.

Ludeca Inc.

Compressor lubricants

Kaeser Compressors has published its newest whitepaper, "Basics of Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricants." Available for complimentary download, the paper was authored by Kaeser's Technical Director Wayne Perry, an industry expert of over 30 years. The paper describes the advantages and disadvantages of the seven basic types of fluids used today. The paper also discusses factors that reduce compressor effectiveness and cause premature wear or damage.

Kaeser Compressors Inc.

Check valve

Val-Matic offers a series of technical papers on valve systems, including use of Check Valves. Visit the Tech Center on the company's website. Val-Matic's Dual Disc® Check Valve with its compact wafer design and low cost have made it a popular choice when space and price are the major factors in valve selection. The valve features non-slam spring-assisted closing, a pressure sensitive vulcanized seat that provides tight closure at both low and high pressures, and a lift and pivot disc action to reduce seat wear and extend seat life.

Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp.

Pump/shaft alignment

Laser alignment is an essential component of a proactive maintenance strategy for rotating machines. Ludeca offers a White Paper guide that provides information and guidelines for the implementation of good shaft alignment of directly coupled rotating equipment including terminology, alignment methods, troubleshooting soft foot, causes of machine breakdown and related case studies. The free guide can be found on the website in the White Papers Section.

Ludeca Inc.

Wall-mount enclosures

Rittal offers a detailed brochure providing an overview of its Industrial and IT Enclosure Systems, available for download in PDF form from its website. The company's stainless steel, one-piece, space-saving wall-mount enclosures are designed for use with instruments and measuring tools. Standard features include: 304 and 316L stainless steel construction; Blind nut mounting; Secure locking system; Foamed-on gaskets; and Zinc-plated mounting panels. Enclosures are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations for use in the most demanding environments.

Rittal Corp.

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