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June 1, 2012
Aquanomix designs water management systems engineered to manage harvested rainwater, stormwater, process, and foundation water for reuse as cooling tower, toilet, and irrigation makeup.

Water reuse

Aquanomix designs water management systems engineered to manage harvested rainwater, stormwater, process, and foundation water for reuse as cooling tower, toilet, and irrigation makeup. The company's systems feature a controls system that performs input/output commands, runs on-board diagnostics, and integrates with most building automation systems. System comes with a programmable touch screen and remote access capability via ethernet. Aquanomix,

Vortex pumps

Vertiflo's Series 1500 and 1600 horizontal end suction vortex pumps are suited for solids handling in areas like food processing, pollution control, recycling materials, slurries, industrial processing, and chemical processing. For applications in sewage treatment plants on primary and secondary sludge of 6% solids and less, these pumps provide an economical option to progressive cavity pumps. The base-mounted 1500 Series pumps are designed for use with any T frame motor or with virtually any type of drive, and the close-coupled 1600 Series pumps use any NEMA Standard JP Shaft Motor.Vertiflo Pump Co.,

Hydrocarbon detectors

The PetroSense range of sensors is now supported by Envirologger, an advanced battery powered datalogger with extensive communications capability, including automatic data transfer to web sites. The probes can detect minute traces of hydrocarbons in soil or water and the data is transmitted instantaneously to a central server and relayed to the client on a web site, by email, SMS, file transfer protocol or via site manager software.
Envirologger Ltd.

Chlorine residual analyzer

The Regal Model CRA 5000 Chlorine Residual Analyzer continuously measures the levels of Free and/or Total chlorine in the disinfection process of water and wastewater. The analyzer may be used exclusively to monitor chlorine residual levels or may be integrated with the Regal Model 7009/7010 SmartValve™ for Compound Loop (Feedback) chlorination and/or Feed Forward dechlorination.
Chlorinators Inc.,

Mixing, aeration

KLa Systems supplies jet mixing, jet aeration and slot injector systems for industries around the world. Industrial customers include pharmaceutical processing, pulp/paper, chemical, food processing, textile and landfill treatment operations. The company's team has completed more than 1,300 jet mixing/aeration projects in 32 different countries.KLa Systems Inc.,

Spill containment scale

Scaletron has introduced the Model 4042-63 IBC-WE™ IBC Spill Containment Scale with weatherproof enclosure for use in the industrial and chemical process industries. Offering an accuracy to within ±0.1% to 0.5%, the scale weighs and stores an IBC tank with maximum dimensions of 52" x 52" x 61". The enclosure meets EPA container storage and stormwater management regulations while providing safe, secure protection of outdoor-stored IBC totes. Additionally, the scale meets EPA and OSHA secondary spill containment requirements with a spill containment basin capable of holding up to 360 gallons.
Scaletron Industries Ltd.

Water monitoring

The HQd™ series meters and IntelliCAL™ probes from Hach are specifically designed for the demanding environment of a wastewater treatment plant. Both the rugged IP-67 rated portable meters and the benchtop meters deliver accurate measurement of influent, effluent, and process streams. Calibration and measurements can be easily performed right out of the box. The large, backlit displays are easy to read both at night and during the day. The meters also offer advanced features such as internal data storage and the ability to enter user IDs and sample IDs to ensure data integrity.
Hach Co.

Bypass valve

A redesigned bypass valve from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics uses proprietary materials and a double rotary valve for more efficient water flow through water softener systems. The valve enhances the system's performance as it simplifies water softener maintenance. Using proprietary plastic and elastomer materials for the components, the company redesigned the assembly, solving the relationship between the torque valve and the seal contact. This required that rubber and plastic materials complemented each other's tolerance capabilities with a careful balance between the torque valve and the sealing contact.
Minnesota Rubber and Plastics,

Pond netting

Bird-B-Gone has announced a new addition to its line of professional grade bird control products, Heavy Duty Industrial Pond Netting. The netting can be used as a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing in toxic tailing ponds or other water collection sites. The netting is made from a UV stabilized Dupont® knotted mesh nylon and meant for prolonged use in harsh environments. The netting comes in large stock sizes and custom cuts and is readily available along with installation hardware.Bird-B-Gone,

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