Nov. 1, 2005
The 491M/B/SD Gas Standards Generator dynamically blends precisely known gas standards with parts-per-trillion (ppt) analyte concentrations.

Gas standards generator

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The 491M/B/SD Gas Standards Generator dynamically blends precisely known gas standards with parts-per-trillion (ppt) analyte concentrations. The system uses two stages of dilution to achieve ppt concentrations. The first combines emission of analyte vapor from a Trace Source™ permeation tube with a precisely known flow of pure dilution gas to form a parts-per-billion concentration primary mixture. In the second, an aliquot of this mixture is further diluted to form the ppt mixture. KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc., La Marque, TX, 409-938-3627,


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While traditional orifice-based DP flowmeters have only been able to maintain accuracy over a narrow 3:1 operating window, Emerson’s Rosemount® 3051S Ultra for Flow can support up to 14:1 flow turndown with better than a 0.5% of reading accuracy. Performance with the meter specified as a percent of reading, instead of the traditional percent of span. This method of specification eliminates the performance degradation inherent in the nonlinear relationship between flow and differential pressure. Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical, Chanhassen, MN, 952-949-5165,

Ultrasonic flowmeter

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GE Industrial, Sensing, has released the UTX878 loop-powered, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter. The system provides the advantages of clamp-on flow metering in a low power design. The meter causes no pressure drop, does not require calibration, and needs virtually no maintenance. It features a patent-pending low-powered design that requires as low as 60mW of power. The meter is able to achieve it’s low power consumption by using new ultrasonic transducer technology that requires much less excitation energy than conventional transducers, while still providing high-performing ultrasonic signals. GE Industrial - Sensing, Billerica, MA, 978-437-1840,

Liquid level indicator

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K-TEK had introduced the KM26 Magnetic Bargraph, a liquid level indicator designed for corrosive, flammable, and toxic environments. Part of the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge family, the bargraph features a true hermetic seal that ensures no moisture ingress or build-up, both of which can significantly hinder indicator movement. The device’s 316 Stainless Steel housing eliminates the corrosion problems typically associated with low quality materials, making it suitable for such environments as offshore operations.K-TEK Corp., Prairieville, LA, 225-673-6100,

Diaphragm valve

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Burkert’s Type 2031 Diaphragm Valve (2” to 4” process connections) and Type 8045 Low-Cost Insertion Magflowmeter combine to form an aggressive waste flow control system capable of handling the harshest liquids and high temperatures/pressures. The Type 2031 is specifically designed to accommodate polluted, dirty, abrasive and high-viscosity fluids. Burkert Fluid Control Systems, Irvine, CA, 800-325-1405,

Pressure reducing valves

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Apollo® is now offering a line of pressure reducing valves to maintain constant lower downstream pressure regardless of fluctuations in supply and demand, including low flow. The pilot valve on each model operates free of pressure fall off. The Apollo® A127 Series valves are available in nine sizes, ranging from 1 ¼” to 12”. They’re designed for managing water over-pressure in high-rise and commercial buildings, in irrigation systems, pump systems and for zone pressure control in industrial water systems. Conbraco Industries, Matthews, NC, 704-841-6000,

Ultrasonic sensors

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Krohne introduces its Optisound 3010C, 3020C and 3030C ultrasonic level gauges for level measurement during the processing and storage of liquids. The ultrasonic sensors are also well-suited for level measurement of water and wastewater in applications including open basins, sumps and sludge containers. The non-contact measuring principle of these sensors eliminates product maintenance and provides ease of service. Krohne Inc., Peabody, MA, 800-356-9464,

Process control meters

German-based Wallace & Tiernan, a company belonging to the Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services Group (I&S), is now offering a new device for measuring and controlling the most important quality parameters of drinking water and process water. The modular MFC-Depolox 5 measuring system processes signals generated as a result of water analysis and process control. Up to four sensors for measuring free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, fluoride, conductivity, redox voltage or the pH value can be connected to the device. Wallace & Tiernan, Vineland, NJ, 856-507-9000, .

Panel-mount meter

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The new DM 15 digital display from Fluid Components International (FCI) serves as a remote digital display that indicates flow rate or temperature readings utilizing FCI’s ST and GF Series thermal-dispersion mass flow meters. Highly user flexible in terms of input and display, the display represents a best value DC input indicator that also offers a unique hi/low alarm set-point option that can be set to any point plus-or-minus within its measurement range. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993,

Wastewater flow meter

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Sierra Instruments’ Model 640S wastewater insertion flow meter is an economical solution for monitoring mass flow of air in wastewater treatment plants. The model provides accuracy, flexibility, reliability, low cost-of-ownership, and a wide turndown to help reduce operating costs up to 50%, and ensure safety and quality. A microprocessor-based transmitter integrates functions of flow measurement, flow-range adjustment, meter validation and diagnostics in a compact, explosion-proof housing. Sierra Instruments Inc., Monterey, CA, 800-866-0200,

Level transmitter

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AMETEK Drexelbrook has added the USonic™ Series continuous ultrasonic level transmitter to its level measurement product line. The series was developed to meet specific needs of the industrial and municipal markets. The transmitter provides a reliable, repeatable and highly accurate (0.15%) continuous level measurement of liquids. It’s capable of liquid level measurement to ranges up to 30 ft. (9.1 m), with a 2-wire 4-20 mA, HART output signal. AMETEK Drexelbrook, Horsham, PA, 215-674-1234,

pH electrodes

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HF resistant pH electrodes from Sensorex increase electrode life for pH measurements in solutions containing acidic fluorides. No need to use antimony or other non-classic methods to measure pH in the presence of acidic fluoride. A special formulation flat surface pH glass enables these electrodes to resist etching due to HF attack. Best of all, they work like conventional pH electrodes so calibration is accomplished with normal standard pH buffers. Electrodes are supplied in a choice of mounting configurations and feature a quick disconnect that enables replacement without the need for tools. Sensorex Corp., Garden Grove, CA, 714-895-4344,

Volumetric water meter

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Actaris, a world specialist in electricity, gas, water and heat metering and systems, launches a new volumetric water meter - the Aquadis+. The high-end copper can mineral glass register developed by Actaris offers long-term water-tightness and easy readability. This register retains full communication capability through Cyble® technology and is ready for automated remote reading through the Actaris RF module. The volumetric water meter results from three years of development and laboratory tests in Macon, France, leading to several registered patents. Actaris, Macon, France, +33 3 85 29 39 00,


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Santa Barbara Control Systems offers the Chemtrol® CT Series controllers for cooling towers, boilers and other industrial applications. Features include conductivity, pH, ORP, temperature, water flowmeters, additive feed programs, filter backwash, Langelier saturation index, data logging, and remote computer/voice operation under Windows. These controllers offer large screens with easy-to-use menus, a unique 5-year electronics warranty, and toll-free technical support. Chemtrol, Santa Barbara, CA, 800-621-2279,

Metering pumps

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Neptune Chemical Pump has added new liquid-end options to its line of Series PZ Electronic Diaphragm pumps. Now available are Kynar (PVDF) and 316SS liquid ends, in addition to the original PVC and acrylic models. This pulse metering pump series is ideal for accurate injection of a wide range of liquid materials, including chemicals, nutrients and disinfectants. It operates at the same flow rate and accuracy on any single phase voltage from 94 vAC to 264 vAC. Kynar (PVDF) models are available with choice of EPDM, Viton, or Teflon seals. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc., Lansdale, PA, 888-363-7886,

Hybrid flowmeter

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Fuji Electric, through TTI Instruments, releases its new Duosonics ultrasonic flow meter, the first such flowmeter that automatically switches between pulse doppler and transit time technologies depending on in-pipe fluid conditions. The meter can measure anything from ultrapure water to sludges and slurries. It can even measure different fluids flowing through the same pipe. It’s well-suited for situations with short pipe runs and undeveloped flow. The pulse doppler signal measures flow when there are suspended solids or when the fluid is “dirty.” The transit time signal measures flow when the fluid is “clean.”
TTI Instruments, Williston, VT, 800-235-8367,

Cooling, dilution water

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Universal Flow Monitors introduces larger sizes of its CoolPoint™ vortex shedding flowmeter for measuring and monitoring higher water flows in water treatment and industrial processing applications. The meter now comes in two new pipe sizes: 3” with a flow rate of 300 gpm, and 4” with a flow rate of 600 gpm. It’s also available in pipe sizes of ¼”-2”, providing flow rates ranging from 0.4-200 gpm. These flowmeters are designed to provide consistent flows of water, water-based machine coolant and water/glycol mixture. Repeatability is ±1% of actual flow, and accuracy is ±2% of actual flow. Universal Flow Monitors Inc., Hazel Park, MI, 248-542-9635,

Digital control valve

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Spence Engineering announces its DigiBoss cage-guided control valve with digital electronic actuator. The valve is designed for modulating control and on/off light industrial, commercial, liquid, HVAC and steam applications. It’s also ideal for OEM packaged systems such as heat exchangers, water purification systems and vaporizers. The unit’s electric actuator operates with analog signals 4-20mA, 0-10 VDC or Profibus DP. The actuator’s high-thrust, stall-proof motor provides positive positioning, prevents burnout and permits shutoff up to 750 psi. Spence Engineering Company Inc., Walden, NY, 800-398-2493,

Acoustic volume indicator

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Young Engineering is introducing its patented Acoustic Volume Indicator (AVI) technology, which is a non-intrusive way of determining the liquid volume or gas pressure inside any pressurized metal tank. It’s ideal for water and sanitation systems because it means you don’t have to shut down the system, open the tank or use a weighing system which can at times be inefficient. The technology will come in three versions: a fully automated system with alarms and remote systems; equipment that works with a standard PC laptop; and using a handheld PC and equipment. Young Engineering & Manufacturing Inc., San Dimas, CA, 800-337-8743,

Flow, level, pressure

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Scientific Technologies Inc., Automation Products Group, introduces RP Custom Resistive Chain Level Measurement Sensors. These reliable measuring sensors are shock resistive and have an anti-stick float design. Users provide specifications based on their particular application, thus enabling the devices to work with precision in a variety of industries. The level sensors have numerous applications in bulk liquid product industries such as chemical, oil, food processing, waste treatment and shipping. Models are available in lengths and materials of construction defined by the user, with a wide variety of available American and international mounting configurations. Scientific Technologies Inc., Automation Products Group, Logan UT, 888-349-7098,

Level measurement

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WIKA Instrument presents the LS-10 submersible liquid level transmitter, engineered for an array of industrial and municipal liquid level measurement applications. Its rugged design makes it suitable for environments associated with level measurement, water and wastewater treatment, well depth measurement and offshore water depth measurement. The new LevelGuard™ anti-clog attachment is ideal for difficult level sensing applications where sludge, slurry, or turbulence may be present. WIKA Instrument Corp., Lawrenceville, GA, 888-945-2872,

Temperature transmitter

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Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co., a supplier of thermometers, pressure gauges and accessory products, announces the new Digi-Tel Temperature Transmitter. The transmitter offers flexibility and durability for use in a broad range of industrial applications, through a modular fit with Tel-Tru Digi-Tel sensor probes, thermometers and display modules. The transmitter offers: A heavy duty SS housing providing RMI/RFI protection; accuracy up to ±0.1%; calibration traceable to NIST; field selection of 17 factory-scaled ranges from -75°F to 1,200°F; 4-20 mA output. Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co., Rochester, NY, 800-232-5335,

Sanitary magmeters

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Targeting flow applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, ABB Instrumentation expands its full line of flow measurement products with the launch of the new FXE4000 electromagnetic flowmeter into the U.S. market. This magmeter affords universal applicability for measuring all conductive liquids. Field-proven for over 10 years in other parts of the world, the measurement system can sustain high performance and quick response in the face of today’s tougher operating conditions. ABB Instrumentation, Warminster, PA, 800-922-2475,

Coriolis flowmeter

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With a new flow sensor design, the CM Series coriolis flowmeters from Fluid Components International provides flow measurement in line sizes up to 12”, flow rates to 80,000 lbs/min and for applications in harsh, corrosive fluids requiring exotic materials - all achievable for the first time in a standard product line. With Models CMM, CMU and CMB Series flowmeters, FCI expands coriolis technology to serve a broader range of applications in chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and many more. Fluid Components International, San Marcos, CA, 800-854-1993,

Automated control system

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ProTech releases a new control system for stormwater treatment using polymer coagulants for suspended sediment removal. The system, based on streaming current detector (SCD) technology, provides real-time automated polymer monitoring and dosage control, with a capability to respond to changes in flow, turbidity, or water chemistry within minutes. The SCD measures an electric current that’s the net surface charge of a water sample, which is a direct measurement of particle coagulation efficiency. ProTech General Contracting Services Inc., Fairfield, CA, 800-433-6040,

Lab solutions

Labtronics Inc. releases a new version of its LimsLink and LimsLinkCDS instrument interfacing solutions specifically designed for Agilent Technologies. These off-the-shelf solutions integrate any lab instrument to Agilent’s ChemLMS LIMS. One of its most powerful features is an ability to embed the Labtronics integration solution directly into some of the most popular Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) available. Directly from the CDS, users can transparently and securely window into the LIMS, pull the worklist of interest, and create ready-to-run sequences into the CDS. Labtronics Inc., Guelph, ON, Canada, 519-767-1061,

Portable gas monitor

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With over 250 versions available, the Eagle is a versatile portable gas monitor whose capabilities include simultaneous readout of up to six combinations of gases including the widest range of detectable super toxic gases such as PH3, Cl2, NH3, HCl, HF, O3 and many others. Standard features include PPM and LEL hydrocarbon detection, autocalibration, an industrial strength internal sampling pump with a 125’ range and automatic low flow pump shut off, 30 hours of continuous operation on alkaline batteries, and methane elimination switch for environmental applications. RKI Instruments Inc., Union City, CA, 800-754-5165,

Subminiature sensors

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Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the ML7 Series subminiature photoelectric sensors. These sensors provide sensing in diffused, retro-reflective, and thru-beam sensing modes. Housed in a 31 mm x 11 mm x 23 mm profile, they feature both side and end sensing. They offer slotted mounting holes for increased adaptability and feature highly visible LED’s for visual status indication and diagnostics. A single push button offers one-touch setup. Also standard is enhanced ambient light immunity and IP67 rated housings for wash down environments. Pepperl+Fuchs, Twinsburg, OH, 330-486-0001,

Ethernet switches

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Weed Instrument introduces a series of new managed Ethernet switches, designed to meet stringent industrial requirements, with three levels of management properties for a wide range of applications. The L1100 LynxSwitch features light management properties ideal where temperature, vibration and insulation are critical parameters. The L1300 offers standard management properties and features the Fast Re-configuration of Network Topology concept of Weed Instrument (FRNT v0) for single redundant ring applications and fast re-configuration time (20mS). Weed Instrument Co. Inc., Round Rock, TX, 512-434-2850,

Portable data capture

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SmarTerminal Computers unveils its SmartMate-2D and SmartMate -RF13 rugged handheld industrial data terminals. The first offers integrated 2D imaging capabilities capable or reading two-dimensional matrix codes as well as omni-directional 1D bar codes. The second offers the industry’s first RFID handheld computer with internal RFID antenna and/or 1D Barcode scanner. This means that users can read 13.56 MHz RFID tags along with traditional 1D linear barcodes using a compact ergonomically designed unit. SmarTerminal Computers Inc., Irvine, CA, 949-756-0856,

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