July 1, 2006
Whatman recently announced successful completion of a two-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Parasite screen

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Whatman recently announced successful completion of a two-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This collaboration has produced the FTA®Concentrator-PS™, a portable two-stage paper filter that detects bacteria in fresh produce and water supplies. Whatman plc, Florham Park, NJ, 800-942-8626,

RRHT columns

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Expanding on success of Agilent 400 bar Rapid Resolution High Throughput (RRHT) columns, Agilent introduces extended-range RRHT columns. They permit faster flow rates, increased pressures and higher efficiencies. Columns range from 1 mm to 4.6 mm internal diameter and from 20 to 150 mm length, and come in more than six bonded phases at 5, 3.5 and 1.8 micron particle sizes. Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA, 408-553-7205,

Progressive cavity pump

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The original moineau pump, PCM pump Series I & ID units from ABO Industries are offered in 316L stainless steel or with a GG25 cast iron body. They are available with a rotor in hard chrome plated steel, stainless steel or hardened steel, single or double mechanical seal, and a wide range of stators from -20 to 250°F in various materials, with standard ANSI or ISO connections. They’re used in all branches of industry where the products are viscous, abrasive, heterogeneous, delicate and easily emulsified. Fields of application include: chemical and petrochemical; sewage treatment; paper industry; oil; mining; ceramics; food and pharmaceutical; sugar refineries, etc. ABO Industries Inc., San Diego, CA, 858-354-9515,

Lightweight, rugged enclosures

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The AegisTM fiberglass enclosure line is lightweight, rugged, strong, corrosion-resistant and maintenance free. These versatile weather tight enclosures are designed to house mechanical equipment and/or supplies, such as: chlorination equipment chemicals, power and generation equipment, pumps, monitoring equipment and a multitude of other systems and inventory. Standard features include non-corrosive fiberglass construction, UV resistant gel coat finish, lockable walk-in access and weather resistant hardware. Aegis Shelters, Division of CDR Systems Group, Ormond Beach, FL, 386-615-9510,

Sludge pump family

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Four models of dewatering and sludge pumps offer continuous operation at low water levels and extended dry runs without overheating the motor. The Low Water model will pump down to 3/16”. It includes synthetic rubber wear parts and vortex impeller for durability. All pumps and hoses feature fire-hose-style quick-connect fittings, and a V-ring to protect the shaft seal from abrasives. Allegro Industries, Garden Grove, CA, 800-622-3530,

Sensor, controls connection

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BradConnectivityTM Ultra-Lock System for the connection of sensors and control devices features unthreaded SS connectors, IP69K and patented “push-to-lock” technology for faster, easier and more secure connections. Pioneered by Woodhead L.P., it’s specifically designed and engineered to meet the stringent sanitary requirements of food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Woodhead Industries Inc., Deerfield, IL, 800-225-7724,

Vane pump

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With 14 Bar/200 psi thin liquid capability, and capacities up to 45 m3/hr (200 gpm), Viking Pump’s new LVP Series stainless steel vane pump is designed for thin, corrosive liquids at higher pressures than other positive displacement pumps. This series’ standard chrome oxide coated shaft and silicon carbide bushings are extremely hard and long-lasting - and its PEEK® vanes offer high strength, low friction for less wear and broad chemical compatibility. It’s available in a metric-standard design, with DIN flanges, IEC motor mount, and metric-standard shaft seal options. Viking Pump Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corp., Cedar Falls, IA, 319-266-1741,

Spot-free resins

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Dow’s ion exchange resins play a large role in time-saving solutions for consumer product applications. DOWEXTM ion exchange resin is a 1:1 equivalent mixture of strong acid cation and strong base anion exchange resin. The product is a ready-to-use mixed resin for the economical production of spot-free water, water without the dissolved minerals whose residue is responsible for the occurrence of spots on surfaces. DOWEX MB typically produces between 500 and 700 gallons of spot free water/cubic foot. The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI, 800-447-4369,

Rockwell connectivity

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Phoenix Contact has expanded its Systems Cabling product line to include connectivity to the Rockwell Automation 1769 expansion I/O cards. The new faceplate adapters are available for multiple I/O cards including 8- and 32-channel digital input and output cards, as well as various analog cards. The new adapters, along with existing cabling termination modules, help users reduce installation and commissioning time, eliminate I/O wiring errors and decrease troubleshooting and maintenance in the field. Phoenix Contact, Middletown, PA, 800-322-3225,

Spiral sanitary mixer

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A 4” diameter SS blending mixer has been added to TAH Industries’ Series 130 line of sanitary mixers, improving flow rate and efficiency in mixing larger quantities. Ideal for processing foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beverages, it can be quickly installed in new or existing process lines and interior mixing elements, easily removed for cleaning. TAH Industries Inc., Robbinsville, NJ, 609-259-9222,

Oil-in-water monitors

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Turner Designs won one of the largest oil-in-water monitor supply contracts in the history of the offshore oil and FPSO business. It’s split between produced water analyzers and cargo heater steam condensate analyzers. Scheduled for delivery later this year are 26 of its TD-4100 XDC oil in water analyzers - a continuous on-line oil-in-water monitor using fluorescence measurement technology. Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Inc., Fresno, CA, 559-253-1414,

Mass spectrometry systems

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Waters® SynaptTM High Definition MSTM (HDMSTM) System is the first mass spectrometer to employ new ion mobility technology and software to analyze and differentiate sample ions by size, shape and mass. This separations fidelity leads to improved specificity and sample definition meaning so scientists can extract more data including detection of previously unseen constituents. A key feature is Waters® TriwaveTM technology, a unique method for combining efficient, ion-mobility based measurement and separations with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Operational control, data acquisition and processing are done with Waters MassLynxTM Software. Waters Corp., Milford, MA, 800-252-4752,

DVD training

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In development for over two years, Water Works Industry Solutions releases its much-anticipated new training DVD set: Training and Installation “The Basics.” The complete training series covers seven waterworks courses amounting to 33 DVD lessons. Lessons can be purchased individually and cover a range of waterworks installations including, PVC (C-900 and SDR-35), ductile iron, restrainers, tapping sleeves and service line fittings to name a few. The first bilingual edition, in Spanish, available in summer 2006. Water Works Industry Solutions, Las Vegas, NV, 480-229-6364,

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