July 1, 2006
Keeping abrasive material flowing through the piping systems in processing plants can be difficult.

Basalt-lined pipes, fittings

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Keeping abrasive material flowing through the piping systems in processing plants can be difficult. Installing Abresist basalt-lined pipes and fittings allows these processing plants throughout North America to curtail rising maintenance costs, reduce downtime and scheduled maintenance and eliminate spillage and waste. Pipes and elbows are constructed from basalt rock liners, which are cast and annealed, then inserted into steel casings. Abresist Corp., Urbana IN, 800-348-0717, www.abresist.com

Backflow preventers

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Apollo® has developed a new series of reduced pressure zone (RPZ) backflow preventer assemblies that offer a lead-free, stainless steel check design. The U.S.-made DefenderTM 4D-200 Series is sized from 2½” to 10” and conforms to applicable performance standards. Current approvals include ASSE 1013 and CSA B64.4. They’re also UL listed and FM approved in sizes 2½” to 6”. Compact and lightweight assemblies feature low pressure and flow loss and a short lay length. They’re available with flanged or grooved NRS/OS&Y gate valves or “monitored” butterfly valves. Conbraco Industries, Matthews, NC, 704-841-6000, www.conbraco.com

PVC/CPVC pressure pipe

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GF Piping Systems expands its Schedule 80 PVC and CPVC Pressure Piping Systems to include large diameter 10” and 12” pipe sizes - for a comprehensive range from ¼” to 16”. The new pipe is available in 20’ lengths with all fittings for most applications. Fittings are supplied in a combination of fabricated and molded styles that include couplings, bends, wyes, pipe increasers, reducing wyes, expansion joints, brass insert fittings and saddles. George Fischer Sloane Inc., Little Rock, AR, 800-423-2686, www.gfpiping.com

Industrial flowmeter

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With its advanced differential pressure flow technology, the new V2 SystemTM flowmeter from McCrometer features built-in flow conditioning for superior accuracy and requires minimum upstream/downstream straight-run piping when installed. New or retrofit, it offers practical solutions in a wide range of industrial process or plant water and wastewater applications, in line sizes from 4” to 18” - wherever irregular or crowded piping and equipment conditions make other flow technologies impractical or unworkable due to the complex, costly construction needed to meet their longer straight-run piping requirements. McCrometer, Hemet, CA, 800-220-2279, www.mccrometer.com

Pipe inspection, monitoring

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Montpelier, France’s eca HYTEC is offering a range of equipment, called Pipe Cruiser, for video inspection and monitoring of sewage systems. This modular range, adaptable to difficult inspection and diagnostic conditions, integrates digital transmission and real-time control of all peripherals. It and the peripherals, like wireless control consoles, can be configured for portability or integrated into a laboratory vehicle. eca HYTEC, Chicago, IL, 312-327-5260, www.hytec.fr

Expansion joints

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Made of Supratef® series of flouroplastic materials for chemical resistance and specially-designed woven fiberglass reinforcement for high strength, non-metallic expansion joints from WahlcoMetroflex are for utilities, smelters, steel mills, refineries, petrochemical, chemical and cement plants, pulp and paper mills, waste heat recovery and cogeneration facilities. They handle extreme heat conditions, as well as abrasive and caustic gases, while meeting customers’ requirements for economy of installation/operation and energy efficiency. WahlcoMetroflex, Lewiston, ME, 207-784-2338, www.wahlcometroflex.com

Groundwater monitoring

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Schlumberger Water Services has launched a new line of Diver dataloggers - Mini-Diver, Micro-Diver, Baro-Diver and Cera-Diver. These dataloggers are used by water professionals around the world for measurement and recording of groundwater levels. They’re engineered in a compact and durable housing providing accurate long-term monitoring even in the most corrosive environments. With direct plug-and-play capabilities using the new Pocket-Diver software and support with a full suite of data analysis and visualization software tools, it makes groundwater monitoring easy. Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc., A Schlumberger Company, Waterloo, ON, Canada, 519-746-1798, www.waterloohydrogeologic.com

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