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March 1, 2006
Goulds Pumps offers a line of heavy duty, magnetically driven, lined process pumps for safely handling chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater - the 3298 Series.

Magnetic drive pumps

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Goulds Pumps offers a line of heavy duty, magnetically driven, lined process pumps for safely handling chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater - the 3298 Series. They handle these fluids safely, reliably and at a minimum operational cost. They’re available in frame-mounted, close-coupled, vertical in-line and self priming configurations. Liquid-end parts are lined with a thick layer of Tefzel® (ETFE) for universal corrosion resistance and a barrier against leakage. The series has no expensive conventional mechanical seals to fail and meets the EPA regulations under the Clean Air Act. Efficiencies are equal to conventionally sealed ANSI pumps and as high as 30% better than competitive metallic, seal-less pumps. Capacities to 1,200 gpm, heads to 425 feet and temperature up to 250°F. ITT Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY, 315-568-2811,

Oil skimmers

CEP’s variety of oil skimmers allow the user to choose the correct skimmer based on required recovery rate, efficiency and viscosity. The company offers a range of skimmers from portable to heavy duty than can recover high oil/water ratios in the most adverse or limited access conditions. The oil skimmers can be used in shallow areas, open waters, tropical or arctic environments, and in a complete range of oil viscosities. Complete Environmental Products Inc., Pasadena, TX, 800-444-4237,

Chemical metering pump

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Part of the Wallace & Tiernan product line, a new duplex model has been included in the Encore 700 series chemical metering pump. Using a single gearbox design with two liquid ends mounted 180o apart, the configuration offers a more economical metering arrangement for increased capacity requirements, minimizing pulsations and allowing for blending applications, future expansion and use of a smaller and less expensive pump without sacrificing pressure capabilities. Able to handle capacities to 634 gph and back pressures to 175 psi, the new design includes multiple wetted materials for municipal and industrial applications, including PVC, PDVF and stainless steel. Cartridge valves allow for simplified service without disturbing the pump head pipe works. It also has automatic feed controls via both stroke length and stroke frequency. Siemens Water Technologies, Union, NJ, 908-851-6909,

Complete facility purifier

Ecoloclean Industries subsidiary Aquatronics introduces Enviro-Guard, an individual purification system designed for sites such as dental facilities, bakeries, restaurants and residential use, i.e., condos, apartments, motels and hotels, where the worldwide growing demand for a more effective water- and air-borne bacteria and parasite control program is gaining emphasis. Using UV and a bio-compound, the system removes chlorines, chloramines, THMs and other microorganisms from water and air, reducing 99% of all bacteria, viruses and parasites. Aquatronics Industries Inc., Riverside, RI, 401-438-5140,

Plate heat exchangers

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The AlfaNova, a 100% gasket-free fusion bonded heat exchanger that can handle pressures up to 30 bar and temperatures to 550°C, will be among the products showcased May 15-18 by Swedish-based Alfa Laval at ACHEMA 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany. The gasket-free PHE can handle tough refinery applications, including hydrocarbon and biofuel processing. Other solutions include the patented HyNetics® mixing technology and Toftejorg tank cleaning equipment, which is ideal for dairy, food and brewery processes, and biotech and pharmaceutical applications. The tailor-made AlfaCond condenser made its debut at the 2001 exhibition. Since then a complete range has been developed and the latest additions will be on display. Alfa Laval Inc., Richmond, VA, 800-558-4060,

Chlorine electrode sensor

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Designed with a replaceable membrane cap to extend sensor life and allow easy maintenance, the new free-chlorine sensor from Analytical Sensors & Instruments is capable of measuring free chlorine of 1-10 ppm. With an on-board circuit, this sensor can be connected to any analytical mV meter, without the need to buy specialty equipment designed to only work with free-chlorine sensors. It also can be converted to measure total-chlorine with a simple switch of the membrane and electrolyte and comes standard with a temperature sensor to allow auto-temperature correction. Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd., Sugar Land, TX, 281-565-8818,

Multi-gas detector

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BW introduces the rugged, ultra compact GasAlertMicroClip multi-gas detector. It simultaneously displays H2S, CO, O2, and LEL gas concentrations with simple one-button operation. The slim unit is equipped with standard data and event logging and is ideal for confined space environments. BW Technologies, Calgary, Canada, 888-749-8878,

Machinery health analysis

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Emerson Process Management adds laser shaft alignment capability to the CSI 2130 Machinery Health™ analyzer from its Asset Optimization division. With wireless laser fixtures, machine shaft alignment is quicker and easier than ever, minimizing plant outages and getting production back on line fast. This latest advance rounds out product capabilities for rotating machinery condition monitoring, also including: Single- and dual-channel vibration analysis; Cross channel analysis; Transient analysis; Structural analysis (collects data for ODS and Modal animation); Motor monitoring; Dynamic balancing. Emerson Process Management, Knoxville, TN, 865-675-2400,

Biosolids energy recovery

Kruger Inc., a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, introduces an advanced biosolids energy recovery system (ERS) that captures the energy value from dried biosolids. The BIOCON® ERS will be used as a renewable energy source for the established BIOCON® thermal drying system. It offers wastewater treatment plants the opportunity to reduce energy costs by feeding dried biosolids into a furnace equipped with a special heat recovery system. The recovered heat is then returned to the drying process, making it energy self-sufficient. It achieves over 95% solids reduction. Kruger Inc., Cary, NC, 919-653-4574,

Scale detection sensor

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Chromalox’s new CaGuard scale build-up detection sensor was developed to solve a problem unique to OEMs serving the ware washing, parts washing, and steam application markets. The sensor is designed to work with a broad range of controller options from “off the shelf” DIN controllers to custom control platforms configured for specific applications. Chromalox offers a complete range of control products that are compatible with CaGuard to meet customer specific requirements. Chromalox Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, 800-443-2640,

High-loading membrane

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With a patent-pending pore structure and dual asymetric membrane wall that provides a protected separation layer, Membrana’s new DuraPES® filtration membrane has higher retention compared to other commercially available membranes. It’s a hydrophilic sulfonated polyethersulfone (PES) flat sheet with 80% porosity and a large-pore diameter, which provides a high flux rate for superior filtration performance. It also has higher water permeability resulting in increased throughput. The membrane is targeted for use in pharmaceutical and biotech industries for removal of particles in therapeutics, injectables, and buffer solutions. Membrana, Charlotte, NC, 704-587-8596,

Pump & vertical stand

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The CL-CC Series Pump is designed with a suction stand that changes it into a vertical pump and improves its versatility. For general service pumping or industrial services, this series’ close-coupled design and ANSI dimensional casing make installation simple. No pump/motor alignment is required. With back pull-out design, NEMA JPM shaft motor and self-setting mechanical seal, it has capacities to 1600 gpm, heads to 700 feet with temperatures to 250°F (121°C). Uses include water purification/filtration (RO/UF), parts cleaners/washers, deionized water, tank transfer, tank cleaning, bottle washing, wastewater, scrubbers, paint systems, OEM skids, seal water, condensate, boiler circulation, cooling water, electronics cooling, chillers, and batch processing. Ruthman Pump & Engineering/Gusher Pump, Williamstown, KY, 859-824-3100,

Tubular UF modules

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INDUCOR™ and INDUCOR-G tubular modules for ultrafiltration of industrial process streams and wastewater have higher packing density and require less power than traditional tubular membranes, resulting in systems with a smaller footprint and lower capital and operating costs. With standard threaded and Victaulic® fittings, they employ the same KMS PVDF UF membrane used with the FEG™ tubes and ULTRA-COR® modules. Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Wilmington, MA, 888-677-5624,

Corrosion reduction

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Sherwin-Williams is taking the lead in customer assistance by equipping its corrosion specification specialists with a comprehensive, standalone software program, Site Survey, designed to enable plant maintenance decision-makers to maximize their investment in plant assets and minimize maintenance costs. The program is used to improve maintenance painting planning by providing long-term budgetary analyses of on-site plant survey data. The software runs on a Microsoft Office platform, allowing data to be e-mailed from Sherwin-Williams specialists directly to customers. Sherwin-Williams Industrial & Marine Coatings, Cleveland, OH, 800-524-5979,

Prestressed concrete tanks

DYK Incorporated recently completed a 3 million gallon stratified chilled water thermal energy storage (TES) tank which was buried under the infield running track on the University of Southern California campus in downtown Los Angeles. During construction, it was important to minimize the impact on the track facility and the surrounding campus activities while under a very tight construction schedule. DYK Inc., El Cajon, CA, 800-227-8181,

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