Monitoring and Process Control

Dec. 30, 2013
The Ultraflow brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow, offering users quick and accurate flow measurement
Ultrasonic flow measurement

The Ultraflow brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow, offering users quick and accurate flow measurement with its easy-to-follow menu and simple setup. Compact, rugged and reliable, the Ultraflow has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments, with fields of application including process control, hydraulic systems, chemical addition, and pump verification. The sensor is easy to install, has a large and easy-to-read graphic display, uses clamp-on sensors for dry servicing, and has a datalogger for 198k data points (Type U4000).

GF Piping Systems

Remote monitoring

The Witte Co. has unveiled remote monitoring and control on its line of vibrating fluid bed dryers, coolers, dewaterers, pellet classifiers, conveyors, and other equipment. Controlled remotely with a dedicated PLC HMI, the remote desktop capability enables process engineers to start and stop batch and continuous operations, adjust their parameters and check process conditions, such as air temperature, airstream velocity and retention time in real-time while away from the processing line. Ideal for water and wastewater and other processors with multiple facilities worldwide and/or those operating in controlled environments, the remote desktop capability is available as part of the company's PLC-based, integrated control system.

The Witte Company Inc.

Online process analysis

Online analyzers from Metrohm Applikon run continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any operator intervention. Whether a single parameter in a single sample stream is involved or several different parameters in complex and multiple sample streams, Metrohm Applikon provides the right analyzer. The Alert analyzers are either based on colorimetric or ion-selective electrode (ISE) methods. The ISE methods are generally used for measurements in the ppm and % range, whereas the colorimetric techniques are used for the ppb to ppm range.

Metrohm USA Inc.

Production control system

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released CENTUM® VP R5.03, an enhanced version of the company's production control system platform. Some new features include a wide area communication router, enhanced batch functions, easy integration with intelligent electric devices, and an eight-loop operation keyboard. CENTUM VP is ideal for process control and monitoring applications in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, iron and steel, and water supply and wastewater treatment.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Control panels

The WS Series™ control panels are advanced simplex and duplex systems controlled by SEEwater's "Smart Board" and designed for wastewater and sewage pump applications. The panels come standard with NEMA 4X enclosure, upgraded pump protection, pump fault indicators, and auxiliary contacts for accessing building management systems (SCADA). Custom options are available upon request. All panels manufactured by SEEwater are 100% factory tested and ARRA Certified.

SEEwater Inc.

Multi-gas detector

The Ventis MX4 from Industrial Scientific is a small, reliable multi-gas detector, particularly useful in wastewater settings. Users can detect up to four gases with a wide range of sensor options, draw samples from up to 100' with an optional, integrated sampling pump, and gain increased instrument visibility with a safety orange overmold. Likewise, a wide range of sensors are available to ensure safety in a variety of environments. The detector is compatible with iNet® -- Industrial Scientific's Gas Detection as a Service solution. The Ventis MX4 can be used as a powerful, yet lightweight pump for monitoring in confined spaces, or without the pump for continuous personal monitoring.

Industrial Scientific

Analytical instrument

The Model 56 4-wire, multi-parameter liquid analytical instrument from Rosemount Analytical serves industrial and commercial applications with a wide range of measurement inputs. The instrument features a high-resolution color LCD screen for on-screen data trend graphics. It has SMART-enabled pH, eliminating field calibration of pH probes through automatic upload of calibration data. Troubleshooting of most problems can be done with an onscreen user manual and clear display of faults, warning and diagnostics.

Emerson Process Management, RosemountAnalytical

Control platform

Unitronics' UniStream™ platform includes a combination of powerful dual CPUs (faster scan time -- up to 2048 I/Os over 2 MB of operand memory), a variety of high-quality HMI touch panels and effortless local and remote I/O installation. The platform can be tailored to virtually any application. Users simply select their preferred HMI, snap on a CPU and then snap on preferred I/Os to create an all-in-one controller. This enables users to select devices in the exact configuration that suits their precise application requirements.

Unitronics Ltd.

Pump station manager

MultiTrode's MultiSmart is an intelligent pump station manager that can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs. With
out-of-the-box functionality designed for simplified deployment, the manager combines thousands of dollars in technology, components and engineering into one device. It features the best of PLCs, RTUs and pump controllers in a comprehensive, intuitive package. Pre-programmed logic developed from decades of real-world industry experience is designed to significantly reduce operating costs, decrease energy costs and consumption, as well as prevent failures, blockages and spills.


Water treatment controller

The CDCN10 Series is specifically designed to measure conductivity/dissolved solids and pH in cooling towers, boilers, industrial process water, food processing, drinking water, and wastewater treatment applications. The CDCN10 Series conductivity/pH controllers are highly accurate and easy to install and operate. Engineering units can be displayed in either U.S. or metric values using the pushbutton keypad and the simple scroll-through menus. Both units control conductivity, with the ability to control three additive feed programs. Readout of the probe temperature is available, and pH measurement and control is optional on both units, as is a safety flow switch contact and RS485 communications.

Omega Engineering Inc.

Pump control

The Eco Smart Station® from SJE-Rhombus provides an energy-efficient solution for pump control in lift station applications. The station integrates the Energy View® controller with the latest variable frequency drive technology into the multiple compartment Arc Armor® enclosure to reduce exposure to arc flash and save energy. The controller is powered by kW Logix® Software. The color touchscreen HMI has the ability to provide level control, pump alternation, flow monitoring, data-logging, alarm log, and historical trending. The kW Logix™ Software provides up to a 30% energy savings over conventional control methods. The auto-tuning function will search for the Best Efficiency Frequency.


Conductivity sensor

The TCS series toroidal conductivity sensor provides a non-contacting, inductive type conductivity measurement over a wide measuring range from 0 to 2,000,000 uS. Measurements can be made in samples from concentrated acids to microsiemen water with the same cell. Fouling and coatings are eliminated (or at least substantially reduced) with non-contacting cells. All toroidal sensors are submersion-ready to mount in tanks. Sensorex's standard Noryl TCS3020 and TCS3000 sensors can be mounted in-line with its 2" keyed CPVC flow cell. All models include a standard style ATC measuring element and a 20' (6 m) cable.


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