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June 17, 2013
Global Monitoring has reintroduced its GMU 8100 Remote Monitor under the Messenger™ brand name.
Remote monitoring

Global Monitoring has reintroduced its GMU 8100 Remote Monitor under the Messenger™ brand name. The Messenger™ remote monitoring units are designed to track and react to conditions at remote, unattended or inaccessible locations. They are land-line based, using common telephone lines that are ideal for use in applications where Wi -Fi, ZigBee or other communications networks are not readily available. Global Monitoring LLC

Level monitoring

Precision Digital now offers the PD6801 ProtEX F&I Level Meter. The easy to read, explosion-proof meter is designed for safe or hazardous environments, such as oil wells or chemical storage. The 4-20 mA, loop-powered input displays level in feet and inches; a second line shows volume, percent or a custom label. The meter also features a 20-segment tank level indicator that displays height. The PD6801 is optimized for wide-angle viewing of about 80 degrees, nearly twice that of competitive models. The meter has FM, ATEX, CSA, and IECEx approvals and is housed in a cast aluminum NEMA 4X enclosure.

Precision Digital

Pump heads

Aalborg® Instruments' TPU1 and TPU2 Pump Heads provide users the flexibility to connect these models to their own motor or to one purchased from Aalborg's catalog. Each head is mounted on a front panel with an adjustable occlusion wall and safety cover. For installation, simply attach the pump head to a motor using the existing mounting holes or modify them to fit specific needs.


Corrosion protection

Cortec®'s Closed Loop Toad® is an environmentally friendly, easy to apply, unique combination of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) powders and antiscalants packaged in polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA) water-soluble bags. The product was developed by Cortec® Laboratories to provide multimetal corrosion protection in recirculating and operating cooling systems, using VpCI® technology, an alternative to traditional corrosion inhibitor formulations.


Solenoid valve

The new Festo solenoid valve VZWD can switch at any pressure from 0 to 90 bar without differential pressure, even in closed media circuits. This new valve is ideal for high pressure and dosing applications. It can be operated with water, air and neutral media. These units operate unimpaired by light levels of dirt. A closing spring holds the valve closed with the support of the pressure of the medium. In cases of pressure loss, the valve closes automatically. The maximum pressure range needed to control the medium is governed by the ratio on the valve seat size and the type of solenoid used. The VZWD is used for gaseous and liquid material flows up to a viscosity of maximum 22 mm²/s in factory and process automation.


Level data transfer

The Leveloader Gold is a field-ready, water resistant, handheld data transfer unit designed for use with the Solinst Levelogger Series of water level, temperature and conductivity data loggers. It is used to download, store and transfer multiple data files, using 8 MB of Flash memory. Field-located dataloggers can be reprogrammed on site. The Leveloader can also display water level readings in real-time.

Solinst Canada

Radar level monitoring

Krohne has introduced the Optiwave 5200 C/F, a new 10 GHz FMCW radar level meter for liquid applications in up to a 98 foot measuring range. The 2-wire loop-powered device measures level and volume in storage or process tanks with process conditions up to 482°F and pressures up to 580 psi for general purpose or hazardous locations. Together with the recently launched Optiflex 2200 C/F TDR level meter, the new monitor has been designed and developed for use in SIL 2 safety-related systems according to IEC 61508. Krohne

Ultrasonic flowmeters

GPI has released two new QStar ultrasonic flowmeters, both fixed and portable models, using transit time technology. These clamp-on flowmeters include a large, backlit LCD. The meters provide accurate and drift-free measurement. Both models include integrated heat quantity measurement. Three sets of transducers are available covering pipe sizes from ½” to 240”. Since the ultrasonic transducer does not come into contact with the fluid, the measurement is 100% contamination-free and hygienically safe.

Great Plains Industries

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