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July 1, 2003
Using hydraulic loading management, Ondeo Degremont's DensaDeg 4D Clarifier accommodates a wide range of flow rates associated with unusually high peak levels during storms.

High rate clarifier, thickener

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Using hydraulic loading management, Ondeo Degremont's DensaDeg 4D Clarifier accommodates a wide range of flow rates associated with unusually high peak levels during storms. High rate physical and chemical treatment of stormwater flows can be achieved at rise rates in excess of 60 gpm/ft2. Solids removal efficiency is typically greater than 85% and effluent exhibits low SS, COD and BOD5. The system combines four fundamental stormwater clarification functions in a single compact unit: 1. grit removal, 2. grease and oil removal, 3. integrated coagulation and flocculation followed by plate settling, and 4. sludge densification and thickening.

Ondeo Degremont, Inc.
Richmond, VA
Tel: 804-756-7645

Wastewater treatment

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Kaldnes North America has developed a cost-effective alternative to upgrade an existing BOD plant into a nitrification system or increase the wastewater treatment capacity of an existing nitrification plant to meet new higher projected flows within existing reactors. By using the Hybrid MBBR, the solids inventory of an existing treatment system will increase without increasing the solids load to the existing clarifiers. The Kaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) process uses polyethylene biofilm carrier elements to provide a home for a highly active bacteria culture. These elements are kept in constant motion throughout the entire volume of the reactor, resulting in uniform treatment.

Kaldnes North America
Providence, RI
Tel: 401-270-3898

Inclined plate settler

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The LME® separator from USFilter Zimpro Products is a compact system for settling solids out of liquid using an inclined plate separator. Liquid containing solids enters the plate separator through openings in the lower side of the unit. Low influent velocities prevent the shearing of the flocculated particles while also allowing the heavier particles to settle almost immediately to the bottom section of the basin. Using uniformly spaced FRD, SS, HIP plates, the system packs up to 10 times more settling area into the same amount of space as a conventional sedimentation system.

USFilter Zimpro Products
Rothchild, WI
Tel: 800-826-1476


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The new CHEMetrics V-2000 colorimeter offers water testing technology with push-button ease. Lightweight and field portable, this microprocessor-based LED colorimeter features preprogrammed methods to measure 13 mm, 16 mm, or 1 in. cells in either % Transmittance (%T) or absorbance (abs) modes. With RS-232 output, the instrument can log 100 data points and download them to a printer or computer. The company's self-filling Vacu-vial® reagent ampoules minimize contact with chemicals and provide accurate and safe water quality tests for over 29 important analytes, including Ammonia, Chlorine, and COD.

CHEMetrics, Inc.
Calverton, VA
Tel: 540-788-9026

Vibration meter

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Vibration is the best judge of health for rotating equipment, and the Examiner 1000 from Monarch Instrument is designed to check overall vibration. This battery-powered vibration meter and electronic stethoscope are simple to operate. Place the sensor on the rotating equipment and measure vibration data in acceleration, velocity and in acceleration enveloping. The digital display will help operators determine the health of the equipment based upon the ISO Standards Chart printed right on the instrument.

Monarch Instrument
Amherst, NH
Tel: 800-999-3390

Stormwater management

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CDS Technologies has released a new inline unit for polluted runoff control. CDS Inline units, which use continuous deflective separation technology, can be placed within new construction projects or retrofitted into existing storm water collection systems. The inline unit saves engineers design time by configuring the treatment portion and bypass structure within one manhole. Engineers can put the unit on the main stormline, with treatment and peak design flows passing through the same structure. There are two separate flow paths for storm water in the system, one for treatment and one for bypassing high flows.

CDS Technologies Inc.
Morgan Hill, CA
Tel: 888-535-7559

Portable infrared analyzer

New limits on oil and grease concentration levels are forcing industries to monitor their effluent more closely prior to discharge which means more frequent measurements to ensure compliance.

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Wilks Enterprise has developed a portable infrared instrument, the Infracal™ TOG/TPH Analyzer, Model HATR-T, that uses hexane for extraction of the oil and grease in the sample(s) being measured. The instrument allows an industry to analyze their effluent on site in just 15 minutes.

Wilks Enterprise, Inc.
South Norwalk, CT
Tel: 203-855-9136

Chemical application equipment

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Saf-T-Flo offers a line of engineered chemical application equipment for municipal chemical feed systems. Its application equipment is designed to lower operating costs, reduce maintenance expense, and increase operator safety. Pictured is the company's stainless steel Chemical Injection Nozzle with ball check valve, quick release coupling, and brass corporation stop. This unit can be inserted or extracted under pressure. The company also offers injectors and diffusers in PVC, CPVC, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel and Titanium material. AutoCAD drawings are also available for use as an engineered standard. Engineering Specifications, technical proposals and submittals are also available.

Saf-T-Flo, a Div. of Martin Special Products
Anaheim, CA
Tel: 800-987-2383

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