New Literature

April 1, 2003
CHEMetrics offers a new Product Summary - a comprehensive, pocket-sized guide - that illustrates its entire line of products by system.

Water test kits

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CHEMetrics offers a new Product Summary - a comprehensive, pocket-sized guide - that illustrates its entire line of products by system. Colorimetric Analysis, Photometric Analysis, Auto-Dilution Colorimetric Analysis, Titrimetric Analysis and Instrumentation are broken down according to method and include complete details and instructions for use with over 55 important analytes.
CHEMetrics, Inc.
Calverton, VA
Tel: 800-356-3072

Metering pumps

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Fluid Metering has released its 30 page 2003 catalog covering dispensers and metering pumps for laboratory, industrial and OEM applications. Featured is the company's new IDS2000 Industrial Dispenser designed for integration into 24/7 production applications. FMI features unique piston-type positive displacement units with no valves, low-dead volume, 1% accuracy and a ceramic/fluorocarbon fluid path. Flows from 2.5 µl/dispense to flows of 4,600 ml/min with pressures to 100 psig.
Fluid Metering Inc.
Syosset, NY
Tel: 800-223-3388

Pump selection guide

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A new guide from Neptune Chemical Pump Co. helps users plan a chemical feed installation and specify the right chemical metering pump or complete chemical feed system for their application. "Sizing and Selecting Metering Pumps / Planning a Metering Pump Installation," Bulletin AB-2002, defines the variables to be evaluated in specifying a metering pump or planning a complete chemical feed system. These include flow rate, discharge pressure and materials of construction. The Guide also advises what to look for in the chemical to be pumped. Information is provided on the viscosities handled by standard metering pumps, as well as liquid ends and tubular diaphragm heads available for special applications.
Neptune Chemical Pump Co.
Lansdale, PA
Tel: 215-699-8700

Fiberglass grating

A new eight-page brochure describes the manufacturing methods, the structural fiberglass product line and fabrication/installation services is now available from Delta Composites. The brochure explains how the company constructs all of its products in an ISO 9002-certified facility. Among the structural products discussed is DeltaGrate™ molded grating, which is manufactured in a variety of resins as well as in a wide range of grating thicknesses and panel sizes. Also discussed are handrails, ladders, structural shapes, fiberglass plates, stair treads and other products.
Delta Composites LLC
Houston, TX
Tel: 866-361-2100

Chemical process pumps

Flowserve Pump Division has published a new full-color bulletin which describes its Mark III In-Line Chemical Process Pump. With exclusive design features, this space-saving pump offers improved pump reliability and extended mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM). According to the brochure, the pump is designed with the unique SealSentry™ seal chambers including models with flow modifiers which redirect flow from circumferential to axial. This unique seal technology is self-flushing, self-venting and self-draining. Seal life is extended by this purging of heat, solids and vapors.
Flowserve Corp., Pump Division
Dayton, OH
Tel: 800-728-7867

Plastic pumps

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Vanton has published a new catalog sheet describing its line of nonmetallic self-priming horizontal centrifugal pumps. All fluid contact components are made of polypropylene or polyvinylidene fluoride. Catalog CGP-11.50 provides detailed specifications, critical dimensions, performance curves and application data on these pumps, which are designed for handling of corrosive, abrasive, hazardous and aggressive fluids.
Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 908-688-4216

Laboratory services

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Environmental Health Laboratories offers a flier on its chemistry laboratory and services. The company specializes in testing only drinking water and other clean water matrices (surface, well, process and groundwater) for compliance and system optimization. The company is familiar with current and proposed state and federal regulations and has certifications in 46 states and Puerto Rico.
Environmental Health Laboratories
South Bend, IN
Tel: 800-332-4345

PE pipe fusion

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McElroy Manufacturing has released the latest version of its award winning fusion catalog and reference guide covering the latest innovations in joining polyethylene pipe. The guide has been updated from cover to cover and presents in detail the company's entire product line including the newly expanded line of TracStar™ machines. The 160-page, full-color guide also includes a reference section with helpful information such as machine specific cylinder force selection guides, various reference charts, and fusion pressure calculation instructions.
McElroy Manufacturing
Tulsa, OK
Tel: 918-836-8611

Fluid flow software

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ABZ Inc has published a brochure that describes computer software which implements common techniques for macroscopic fluid flow calculations. The brochure discusses the company's Design Flow Solutions software package, which includes standard and professional versions, as well as its DesigNet version for network analysis. The brochure also covers maintenance agreements and consulting services that are available. It includes a FAQ, price list and order form.
ABZ Inc.
Chantilly, VA
Tel: 703-631-7401

Pipe, metering equipment

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Ford Meter Box offers a four-page flier on its pipe and metering products. The publication provides a brief description of the company's line of Series 1500 retainer glands, plastic pit setters, service saddles, yoke boxes, flex couplings, curb boxes, ball valves, meter boxes, repair clamps and pipe restraints. Also listed are compression fittings and corporation stops. Typical applications are discussed.
Ford Meter Box Co.
Wabash, IN
Tel: 260-563-3171

Filtration systems

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Freedom Plastics offers a six-page brochure on its fluid filtration systems. The company offers filtration housings in PVC, CPVC and PP. It also offers basket filtration systems, in-line strainers, duplex or multi-plex systems and cartridge filtration systems. Filter bags, thermoplastic baskets, hardware kits, cartridge filters and filter stands are also featured.
Freedom Plastics Inc.
Janesville, WI
Tel: 800-356-9432

Monitoring, control devices

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Time Mark Corp. offers a Short Form catalog featuring the company's monitoring equipment. Included are brief descriptions of the equipment and their applications. The company's pump and liquid level controls protect submersible pumps and provide liquid level control of pumping systems. Its 3-Phase Monitors continuously monitor for phase loss, phase reversal, low voltage and, on select models, over voltage. Its Voltage & Frequency Monitors detect voltage levels above or below the selected set point.
Time Mark Corp.
Tulsa, OK
Tel: 800-862-2875