New Products

April 1, 2003
Meinecke Flanged Turbine Meters provide flow measurement of high, relatively constant flow rates in a variety of applications including blending, flow control, bulk transfer and utility auditing.

Turbine meters

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Meinecke Flanged Turbine Meters provide flow measurement of high, relatively constant flow rates in a variety of applications including blending, flow control, bulk transfer and utility auditing. The flowmeter is available in sizes ranging from 2" to 12". Standard process connections are ANSI 150 lb R.F. flanges with optional 300 lb ANSI R.F. flanges available via special order. Register readings can be read locally or transmitted to a remote location via optional Reed and/or Opto style pulsers. The BMF Series, originally designed for use with Brine Solutions, contains no red metals and is ideally suited for measuring light caustics (pH levels < 9), saline solutions and chlorinated water.
Cross Instrumentation
Conyers, GA
Tel: 800-332-3418

Wastewater evaporators

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Severn Trent Services offers the SAMSCO Water Evaporator SWE-II™ (The Sentry System), for wastewater minimization. The system can help eliminate sewer discharge and hauling liability, and operator control while minimizing labor. Units include multi-stage foam control, alarm history memory, context-sensitive "Help", and harsh environment resistance. Automatic oil-management, pH control, antifoam injection, and diagnostic modems are available.
Severn Trent Services
Goffstown, NH
Tel: 603-668-7111

Polymer mixing

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The Polymaster® from Neptune Chemical is a new liquid polymer mixing/diluting system that thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers, including new high molecular weight liquid polymers, and can produce dilute solution (0.1% – 2.0%) at rates up to 50 gpm. The system's patented "Gatlin" distribution head is a motorized mixing chamber that hydraulically segments the polymer into ultra-thin film platelets for maximum activation. The degree of activation is not affected by fluctuating water pressures.
Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc.
Lansdale, PA
Tel: 888-363-7886

Chemical feed stations

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Assmann's compact polyethylene feed stations offer an alternative to standard steel tanks. Designed to store small amounts of chemicals and liquids, the primary and secondary tanks are constructed from linear polyethylene for excellent corrosion resistance, structural integrity and long service life. Available in sizes ranging from 40 to 300 gallons, the feed stations can be customized to meet the needs of every chemical service.
Assmann Corp.
Garrett, IN
Tel: 888-357-3181


Hose Solutions specializes in the manufacture of layflat-type hoses for numerous industries. It also manufactures Boreline, a flexible drop pipe designed to replace the rigid risers used with submersible pumps. It is ideal for use in permanent and temporary installations. Boreline is a high pressure, high strength hose, available in diameters from 1 1/2" to 6". Pumps can be set down to 700 ft. without support ropes or cables.
Hose Solutions Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480-607-1507

Low-flow pumps

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Magnatex Pumps offers the Magnatex® MP/MPL Series Pumps for low-flow, high-head applications. These close-coupled, magnetically driven, sealless centrifugal pumps feature rare earth Neodymium magnets for synchronous drive with no slippage and less internal heat than other mag-drive pumps. The close-coupled design saves space, eliminates alignment problems, and reduces installation costs. The sealless design does away with the need for costly mechanical seals.
Magnatex® Pumps, Inc.
Houston, TX,
Tel: 713-972-8666

Metering pump

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The Moyno® Metering Pump is designed for metering low-flow liquids in a wide range of processing applications including dosing, sampling and metering. The pump's progressing cavity design results in a smooth flow free from pulsations and variations in velocity and volume. This prevents material waste or mixture imbalance. Additional advantages and features of the pump include sealed universal joints for longer life; pressures to 300 psi and flow rates from 1 gph to 190 gph. A wide variety of materials of construction are offered. The pumps are available in bare-shaft, close-coupled, and motorized configurations.
Moyno, Inc.
Springfield, OH
Tel: 877-486-6966