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May 1, 2003
FilmTec, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, has introduced the new Filmtec™ LP-4040 membrane element

Membrane elements

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FilmTec, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, has introduced the new Filmtec™ LP-4040 membrane element, designed to operate at low pressure in commercial applications. The element allows commercial systems to deliver high-quality water at low-pressure operation. It replaces many "first generation" low-pressure membrane elements and will purify more water in older systems, especially those operating with cold feed water. At the same time, FilmTec has improved the flow of its other 4040-size elements.
FilmTec Corp.
Midland, MI
Tel: 800-447-4369

High rejection membranes

Hydranautics has introduced the new CPA2-HR (Composite Polyamide) High Rejection membranes to its line of ultrapure water treatment products. The new 365 ft2 membrane provides the highest salt rejection of any standard element available. The high rejection membrane will save up to 20% on the cost of downstream ion exchange polishing while providing a robust membrane suitable for surface water treatment. The 99.7% nominal salt rejection (99.6% minimum) membrane provides 10,000 gallons per day of ultrapure water. The elements are 8 inches in diameter and 40 inches long. They can be used as either a stand-alone product or part of the company's Integrated Membrane Solution™ (IMS).
Hydraunatics Inc.
Oceanside, CA
Tel: 800-272-7873

Fabricated spools

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The Mars Co. Fabricated Spools, Meter Test Spools and Fittings come in many sizes, lengths and configurations and can also be custom designed and fabricated to meet specific needs. By providing a precise fit, corrosion resistant coatings such as epoxy or nylon, excellent strength and short laying lengths, they work well in any application.
Floyd S. Salser, Jr. & Associates
d/b/a Mars Co.
Ocala, FL
Tel: 800-782-5268

Membrane contactors

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Membrana-Charlotte announces the release of GasCAD™ version 3.0 used for sizing Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors. The sizing program has been used for more than 8 years to accurately predict Liqui-Cel Contactor system performance for the removal of oxygen and carbon dioxide from liquids. The program also provides vacuum pump sizing and sweep requirement information. Manufacturing improvements, additional application testing and 10 years of active system installations supported the decision to update the regression used in sizing various Liqui-Cel Contactor Systems. The contactors are used for adding or removing O2, CO2 and N2 to or from liquids in the Semiconductor, Power, Pharmaceutical, Photographic, Food and Beverage, and many other general industries.
Charlotte, NC
Tel: 704-587-8596

Acidic wastewater treatment

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Green Turtle Technologies has developed a new technology to treat acidic wastewater that combats the problems associated with current treatment systems. Known as PHIX, it is designed to treat acidic wastewater in process and/or prior to discharge into a water body or municipal sewer system. The pH is adjusted to within by-law limits or specific levels if required, resulting in by-law compliant sewer discharges. The system offers a flow-through design, small footprint, low maintenance, no requirement of control devices. It has been designed to allow better control over the effluent pH, and to do so with the use of an all-natural and safe media that eliminates the need for special storage or handling required by traditional hazardous caustic chemicals.
Green Turtle Technologies
Mississauga, Ontario
Tel: 905-696-7276

Pipe inspection camera

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Pearpoint, a maker of video pipeline inspection equipment, has introdced its P374 Intrinsically Safe MiniCam. Approved, Labeled and Listed as intrinsically safe for inspection and entry to Zone 0, T6 environments, it is suited for industrial and small commercial inspections. This newest addition to the company's portable inspection system line is a fully self-contained unit for inspections in lines 1" to 4" with a range of 200 feet. Features include: 360 TVL resolution, CMOS camera technology, sapphire glass, maintenance free white LEDs, and manually set focus.
Pearpoint, Inc.
Thousand Palms, CA
Tel: 760-343-7350

Self-cleaning water filter

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Orival Filters protect heat exchangers and prevent clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages by removing dirt particles down to micron size, of any specific gravity, from once-through and recirculating cooling water systems. Line pressure powered, the filter cleans itself without external power, and does not interrupt system flow. Available from 10 to 10000 gpm.
Orival Inc.
Englewood, NJ
Tel: 800-567-9767

Root control

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RootX foaming root control is designed to eliminate damaging root growth in pipelines. By simply adding water, the product creates a root killing foam which will reach to the top of the pipe where 90% of root growth occurs. It can be applied with existing sewer cleaning equipment or directly from the package.
Salem, OR
Tel: 800-844-4974

Solids recovery filtration

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Rosedale Products has released its new Solids Recovery Filtration system (SRF). The system is designed to protect open and closed loop cooling processes. Ideal for cooling tower water systems, the SRF can be used in a variety of applications to reduce solids problems. Components of the system include a basket strainer for coarse filtering, a centrifugal pump with motor, a separator achieving 50-75 micron removal rating, and a bag filter following the purge of the separator. It features an electrical control panel with a HOA selector switch and NEMA 4x enclosure. Fully assembled and skid mounted, the package has a compact design that minimizes floor space. Flow capacity ranges from 50 gpm to 1200 gpm with pressure ratings to 125 psi.
Rosedale Products Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI
Tel: 734-665-8201

UF membranes

New polymeric ultrafiltration (UF) membranes from PCI Membrane Systems extend the company's range of membranes to include the lower molecular-weight cut-offs required for a variety of industrial applications including effluent treatment. Encased in a stainless steel or plastic shroud, and crafted from polymeric PVDF material, the new 6-mm diameter FPT03 and FPT10 membranes are suited as replacement cores for the A5 module, while the new FPA03 membrane is produced as 12-mm tubular replacement cores for the A19 module. Both the FPA03 and FPT03 have a nominal molecular weight cut-off of 30 kD. Like the existing A-Series membranes, they are particularly well suited to processing liquids containing high levels of suspended solids, which makes them ideal for effluent treatment where the flux is found to be stable. The FPT10 has a nominal cut-off of 100 kD, is of smaller pore size compared with the FPT20, and its use can result in more stable fluxes.
PCI Membrane Systems
Milford, OH
Tel: 513-575-3500

One hand wrench

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The original one hand wrench from Reed Manufacturing now sports a "comfort grip" handle for better ergonomics. The wrench features all-forged steel construction and a one-piece handle. The wrenches have fittings capacity up to 1 1/4" and offer a narrow profile for work in tight places, including meter pits. They have a longer handle that provides greater leverage. The wrenches grip any shape: meter nuts, round pipe, or parts of fittings without adjustment. They are ideal for installing 3/4" and 1" water meters.
Reed Manufacturing Company
Erie, PA 16512
Tel: 800-666-3691

Pipe penetration seals

Proco's Pen-Seals have been designed to assist in achieving a mechanical seal between pipes passing through walls, floors, tanks, pipeline casings, and vaults. The seals are designed to be gas and watertight. All sizes have been tested to withstand a hydrostatic seal up to 20 psig or 40 feet of head pressure in addition to withstanding temperatures up to 250°F. The standard elastomer is EPDM, which is suitable for most water applications—above ground and direct burial. The seals use glass-reinforced plastic for the pressure plates and all hardware is manufactured from steel zinc dichromate.
Proco Products
Stockton, CA
Tel: 800-344-3246

Pressure monitoring

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The Ashcroft® multi-instrument assembly allows a pressure gauge, switch and transducer or any combination of two, on one iso-ring and flanged unit. In flow-thru applications when it is necessary that pressure instruments be isolated from the process, an iso-ring is used. Often, more than one type of pressure instrument is needed, requiring several iso-ring/instrument assemblies. Now, only one iso-ring and flange assembly is required for up to three Ashcroft pressure instruments, with no effect on accuracy. A built-in needle valve dampens pulsation and allows the process to be locked off for safe removal of the instruments for recalibration. Assemblies are available for pipes from 1 in. to 20 in.
Dresser Instruments
Stratford, CT
Tel: 800-328-8258


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The Eclipse #2 Post Hydrant is ideal for wash-down or any other plant application requiring 2+ inches of water supply. The hydrants are manufactured with all brass working parts and cast iron exterior. They are self-draining for freeze protection and are easy to service. Options include hand-wheels and flanges for installing the hydrants in floors or decks. AutoCad installation drawings are available on the company's website.
Kupferle Foundry Company
St. Louis, MO
Tel: 800-231-3990

Wastewater treatment

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The Hydroxyl Fluidized Fixed-Film Return Activated Sludge (F3RAS) treatment approach provides a solution to biological wastewater treatment upgrades. Building upon widely accepted activated sludge technology, the process incorporates a proprietary Free Floating Carrier (Hydroxyl-PAC media) in existing activated sludge basins. The media provides a large area for attached growth biofilm to supplement the suspended growth biomass in an activated sludge basin. The substantial biofilm growth provided by the media facilitates increased capacity (including nitrogen removal) of existing activated sludge plants without increasing any solids load on the final clarifiers and with minimal or no modifications to the existing plant.
Hydroxyl Systems
Sidney, BC
Tel: 250-655-3348


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Ondeo Nalco's High Performance Polymers are proprietary, high molecular weight liquids specifically designed for biosolids thickening and dewatering, and wastewater clarification. The polymers are particularly effective on waste activated, aerobic and anaerobic digested biosolids. Architecturally modified on the molecular level, the polymers offer enhanced flocculation and dewatering performance. The company's polymers offer controlled solution properties, properties matched to application, high levels of usable polymer released in application, and resistance to degradation in high shear applications, such as filter presses and centrifuges.
Ondeo Nalco
Naperville, IL
Tel: 630-305-2478

Gas monitoring

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General Monitors has introduced the Model MC600, a modular multi-channel controller that combines a microprocessor-based design with a new industry standard for toxic and combustible gas monitoring. Offering from one to six channels of continuous gas monitoring, the unit is compatible with the company's basic hydrocarbon and H2S sensors, all versions of its combustible and H2S intelligent/smart gas detectors, as well as Models IR2100, IR7000 infrared detectors and TS-Series toxic gas detectors. The scalable MC600 can be used as either a local gas detection system, or networked to provide a large plant-wide distributed safety system.
General Monitors
Lake Forest, CA
Tel: 714-854-0800

Pressure transducers

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The KPSI 700 Series of submersible pressure transducers from Pressure Systems, Inc. (PSI) is now available with pressure down to ranges of 5 feet of water column full scale. The transducers are ideal for the hostile environments encountered in liquid level measurement and control, such as sump level, surface water monitoring, cooling towers, evaporation pans and weir level. The family of submersible level transducers is available in a choice of static accuracies from ±0.05% to ±1% F.S. These transducers are approved to FM, CSA and UL for Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F and G; and Class III, Division 1 hazardous locations, and also meet CE approval according to EN-50081-2 and EN-50082-2.
Pressure Systems, Inc.
Hampton, VA
Tel: 800-678-7226

Ammonia detection

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Industrial Scientific has announced the availability of ammonia detection in its AirAware line of fixed-point gas monitors. The monitors are already capable of monitoring any one of six other gases, including carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide. The monitors are ideal for applications where high concentrations of ammonia pose hazards in areas such as compressor rooms, coolers and storage areas of breweries or food processing operations.
Industrial Scientific Corp.
Oakdale, PA
Tel: 800-338-3287

Process analyzer

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Housed in a weatherproof, corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure, the Model 54e analyzer is available for pH/ORP, conductivity, or amperometric measurement, and features advanced sensor diagnostic capability and a menu-driven interface. The HART-compatible analyzer, available from Emerson Process Management, also features dual isolated outputs, three mode control outputs, three process alarms, a fault alarm and automatic temperature compensation. Programming and calibration are through the front membrane keypad, which has tactile feedback. Both analyzer outputs have independent choices to correspond to process measurement or temperature. The analyzer also incorporates unique predictive sensor diagnostics for monitoring and maintenance of critical components.
Emerson Process Management
Irvine, CA 92606
Tel: 800-854-8257

Self-cleaning filters

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New self-cleaning filters from Reclaim Filters and Systems provides a solution for high flow rates without having to change filter bags. Incorporating a stainless steel filter housing from Micron Technologies, the systems incorporate a stainless steel frame and filter housing to eliminate the problems of corrosion and rust through. The self-cleaning filter uses a permanent stainless steel filter element that is automatically backwashed using compressed air to blow out the dirt and debris from the filter element. Preprogrammed cleaning keeps the filter permeable and prevents clogging. Use of optional ballast or twin alternating filter can achieve uninterrupted flow.
Reclaim Filters and Systems
Raleigh, NC
Tel: 919-528-1787

Fabric media

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The Brentwood AccuWeb™ System, added to existing activated sludge systems, increases the effective Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) inventory of the system without increasing solids loading to the clarifier. This system of active fabric media modules upgrades a wastewater treatment facility without increasing tankage. The system requires no additional maintenance and installs with little or no disruption to plant operations.
Brentwood Industries, Inc.
Reading, PA
Tel: 610-236-1140

Hydraulic submersible pump

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With maximum flow rates to 2,900 gpm, discharge heads to 180', and solids handling to 3 1/8" in diameter, the 8" Heidra 200 hydraulic submersible pump from Godwin boasts a cast chromium steel impeller and a cast iron pumpend. A double, oil bath mechanical seal design allows the pump to run dry without damage in intermittent flow conditions. In addition, an integral 175-gallon fuel tank capacity provides over 24 hours of continuous operation. Powered by a variable speed diesel engine for flexibility, the pump is available with a variety of diesel engines or with an electric drive.
Godwin Pumps
Bridgeport, NJ
Tel: 856-467-3636

Data management software

Enviro Data, from Geotech Computer Systems, is a program for storing and displaying environmental quality data. It has applications in a variety of areas including facility operations, process efficiency, potable water supply, wastewater monitoring, site investigation, and remediation. In the water supply and wastewater fields it is critical to have an efficient tool to manage constituent concentration and other information about the water for effective decision-making and regulatory compliance. The primary application of Enviro Data is for storing the results of field and laboratory measurements and analyses. It also stores supporting information to help understand water quality and other data in proper context.
Geotech Computer Systems Inc.
Englewood, CO
Tel: 303-740-1999

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