Something Happened — How Can I Quickly Test the Toxicity of My Water?

Oct. 10, 2011

Hach Tip of the Month

For emergency response, the USEPA recommends the following parameters be analyzed:

ARSENIC A common poison and industrial pollutant
CHLORINE Measures the disinfection power in water
COLOR Dissolved materials in water can cause discoloration. Testing color can provide information on the amount of organic material in the water.
PESTICIDE / NERVE AGENTS These agents affect the central nervous system and can be life-threatening.
pH A basic water quality parameter, indicating how acidic or basic a sample is.
TOTAL DISSOLVED SOLIDS (TDS) TDS is used to indicate water quality and give insight to possible chemical contaminants.
using Chemiluminescence
Chemiluminescence is the generation of light. This method is used to check for toxins in water.

With the Hach Eclox™ Rapid Response Water Test Kit, you get all the equipment needed to analyze for these parameters, in the convenience of a rugged field test kit.

Designed to be used in the field, this easy-to–use kit weighs only 20 pounds and is comprised of various test strips, hand held meters and reagents. The Eclox has uses for both military and municipal applications:


  • Test source waters for rapid indication of water quality
  • Determine by what means source water needs to be purified
  • Test product water to ensure effective operation of purification systems


  • Rapid on-stie detection of contamination – whether accidental or intentional
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Natural disaster response – evaluate water quality following a hurricane, flood, tornado, etc
  • Pollution incident tracking – figure the likely source of pollutant contamination

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