Texas town receives $6 million grant from fed

Oct. 4, 2012

BEN BOLT, TEXAS — The money will help residential customers as well as schools.

BEN BOLT, TEXAS — Ben Bolt, Texas is set to welcome a government grant to the sum of more than $6 million to enhance the small town’s wastewater system, according to a report from kristv.com.

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According to recipient Melida Rangel, who is the general manager at Jim Wells County Fresh Water Supply District One, seven years of hard work certainly paid off and it will not be flushed away.

The grant, which is being provided by the United States Department of Agricultural Rural Development, will be used to support a new sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.

“A lot of complaints from customers who have the cesspools and septic tanks and they don’t clean them out or there is run off, that was the main thing,” Rangel said.

According to the report, this project is intended to eliminate open cesspools in the areas beyond just residential.

“The schools especially really, really need it,” Rangel added.

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