Detroit workers agree to end strike amid labor dispute

Oct. 5, 2012

DETROIT — continues coverage of this labor dispute and strike.

DETROIT— After five days of picketing, Detroit’s water and sewage workers union announced an end to the strike and all employees will return to work, according to an article hosted on 

According to the article, AFSCME Local 207 officials reached an agreement with the city’s water department to return to the bargaining table and discuss the issues at hand, including the reinstatement of 34 workers who were to be fired.
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Workers started the demonstration on Sunday with picketing and protested a planned 81 percent reduction in the department, continued the article.

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Earlier this week, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department announced the suspension of 34 workers pending termination, noting that striking employees “endangered public health and safety by unlawfully abandoning their jobs at the plant,” noted the article.

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