Industry educator Gary Schreiber passes away

Jan. 22, 2013

BIRMINGHAM — Schreiber provided relentless attention to educating and mentoring water treatment professionals.

BIRMINGHAM — Water Technology Advisory Board Member, industry veteran and Purolite sales manager Gary Schreiber passed away on Saturday, January 19.

Schreiber started his career in water treatment with Culligan International. He spent the last 19 years as a sales manager with Purolite and “was one of the most highly respected international water specialists in the industry,” stated his obituary.

Perhaps his greatest gift to our industry was Schreiber’s relentless attention to educating and mentoring so many water treatment professionals.  

He was one of the most active members of our Advisory Board and a frequent contributor to both the magazine and, helping to provide invaluable solutions to countless water treatment issues to many people over the years.

Throughout his time in our industry, many people turned to Schreiber for real solutions and opinions and his words and advice will live on for many years.

“Gary was an integral component of Water Technology and will surely be missed,” stated Water Technology’s Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo. “The time he spent with me and previous Water Technology editors educating us on important industry matters, providing resources when needed and putting forth a genuine interest in advancing our understanding of the water treatment market will never be forgotten. It is quite rare to find such a person of Gary’s caliber in any industry.”

Schreiber’s obituary can be found here: