Getting out in front of the cooler market

May 28, 2013

As the growth of POU devices and coolers continue to grow, the market for selling this equipment becomes more competitive and complicated. Being able to …

As the growth of POU devices and coolers continue to grow, the market for selling this equipment becomes more competitive and complicated. Being able to send the right messages to the customer for why these items are effective and innovative becomes very important for the dealer.

Talking to dealers and experts in the water treatment industry, it is apparent that this product category is stable and has a bright future. However, similar to the selling challenges of other water treatment products, for dealers who are trying to get their customers to understand the value of these systems is where it may be a bit tricky.

Advantages of POU devices and coolers

Finding reasons for why customers should buy POU devices and coolers is not very hard to do. They save money and time and are safe for the environment, but there are many other advantages that can get overlooked.

While some of these — like saving on storage space and delivery time — seem like simple things, they can be time consuming for a big business where every minute counts and high productivity, with reduced staff, is required. Additionally, most homeowners do not have the luxury of always having someone around who can lift a heavy replacement bottle immediately after the old one empties.

Selling points to bank on

When dealing with a product that is in high demand, it's important to find out ways to make that particular product more attractive than a competitors'. There are always going to be certain features or brands a customer prefers over another. Dealers need to know the customer's preference and exploit those selling points.

Fortunately for dealers, there are many high points to cover when it comes to POU devices and coolers. Emphasizing these points can help you ride the wave of success in coming years as expected growth continues to take hold.

For instance, when trying to sell a water cooler to a business, that customer may be more interested in trying to find ways to cut costs as well as water and a simplified process and maintenance plan. A doctors' office, as another example, may be more concerned with the sanitary issues that come with a water dispenser. Finding out these important needs will help in selling a POU device to each customer.

Stock continues to rise

Knowing what direction a market is trending will certainly help when selling a product. Customers don't want to buy something that's just going to be replaced by something better in the next couple of months. They want to know that they are buying a product that will be useful for years to come.

Over time there will always be certain items or fads that will become trendy and popular. Any smart company will take advantage of those times and look to capitalize on those items. Having a strategy for marketing these products and knowing the best way to sell them is like money in the bank.

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