3M Purification is the first to achieve WQA certifications

Sept. 18, 2013

ST. PAUL, Minn. — WQA CEO Dave Haataja says this certification distinguishes 3M as a conscientious corporate citizen.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — 3M Purification is the first company to achieve WQA Sustainability Certifications, according to new Water Quality Association (WQA) Product Sustainability standards, a press release reported.

The Sept. 16 press release stated that six water filtration products for the home and water appliances were certified. Those products include:

  • The 3M™ Full Flow Drinking Water System 3MDW201, an under-sink system that operates through the existing faucet
  • The 3M™ Advanced Drinking Water System 3MDW301, an under-sink system that operates through a dedicated faucet
  • The 3M™ Advanced Whole House Filtration System Model 3MPF301, a large capacity system for city water
  • The Aqua-Pure® 3MFF100 Full Flow Drinking Water System, an under-sink filter with a nominal filter pore size of just 0.2 microns
  • Water Factory Systems™ FM DWS 1500, an under-sink carbon filter drinking water system
  • Water Factory Systems™ FM 1500-B Faucet Mate™, an under-sink carbon filter drinking water system with faucet

WQA CEO Dave Haataja stated in the press release, “As the first company to receive WQA Sustainability certification, 3M has proven itself to be a leader in environmental responsibility. This certification distinguishes 3M as a conscientious corporate citizen. Committing to environmental sustainability is the right thing to do, and consumers will respond positively.”

The WQA created the standards as a way to offer consumers and water professionals "meaningful sustainability information about water filtration products," the press release noted. 3M served on a task force, along with other industry manufacturers and suppliers, to help the WQA in developing the standards.

Bill Contaxis, strategic business leader of the residential commercial business unit at 3M Purification, stated in the press release, “We’re proud to have served on the WQA task force to help develop these important standard. We are also proud of the rigorous environmental practices that we have already had in place, which certainly contributed to the speed with which our products were certified. We will continue our leadership in lifecycle sustainability so that our customers know they can rely on 3M to help minimize their environmental footprint.”   

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