Illegal dumping almost causes plant failure

Sept. 23, 2013

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The 'phantom dumpings' have been taking place early in the morning every four to eight weeks.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The city council here is becoming frustrated with a "phantom dumper" that is illegally discharging organic materials into the wastewater network, Radio New Zealand reported.

The latest strike occurred Monday morning, and it blocked the intake screens at the Western Wastewater treatment plant.

This prevented the regular flow of sewage, and the plant's operating company said the flow was diverted into a storage tank while the screens were cleaned of rags and other materials.

The storage tank ended up being 91 percent full before the situation was handled.

The company that operates the network, Capacity, said in the story that these dumpings have been taking place early in the morning every four to eight weeks.

Capacity is asking the public for any information that may help identify the source.

Read the entire article here.

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