Frito Lay water treatment plant achieves energy efficiency, lower noise levels with Atlas Copco

Sept. 27, 2013

WILRIJK, Belgium — A water treatment facility at a Frito Lay plant in Turkey has achieved 30 percent increased efficiency with ZS screw blower technology.

WILRIJK, Belgium — Frito Lay, an affiliate of PepsiCo Foods, has seen their energy efficiency increase by an average of 30 percent after choosing Atlas Copco’s ZS screw blower technology in their water treatment facility in Turkey, according to a press release.

PepsiCo Foods’ two factories in Turkey operate with water and energy consumption values below the European average, stated the release, and economic and reliability factors contributed to their choice of the screw blower technology for their water treatment aeration tanks.

All instrument and process air needs of the production facilities are filled by high-efficiency 100 percent oil-free ZS screw compressor groups provided by Atlas Copco, which began operation in 2010, according to the release.

The 30 percent reduction in energy use helped lower the operating costs of the wastewater treatment facility, according to the release, and the blowers reduced noise in the blower room enough to eliminate the need for protective earmuffs.

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