WRF study analyzes water demand with climate change

Oct. 16, 2013

DENVER, Colo. — The study includes six case studies of WRF member utilities.

DENVER, Colo. — A new study by the Water Research Foundation (WRF) analyzes the impact climate change might have on water demand, and in turn, water utilities, according to a press release.

The report, entitled "Changes in Water Use under Regional Climate Change Scenarios," studied anticipated water demand and use patterns under a range of climate change scenarios organized by customer class and industry sector, the release reported.

According to the release, in an effort to provide specific recommendations for water utilities the study included six case studies of WRF member utilities.

"A chief recommendation from this effort is that water utilities spend more time studying and modeling climate- and weather-induced water demand patterns," explained Rob Renner, executive director of WRF.

The study found that weather sensitive demands are prevalent and will be affected by climate change and that a range of options could assist in adapting to demand impacts, among other conclusions, according to the release.

Please the WRF website to read the full report.