Kamstrup water meter used to measure beer consumption

Oct. 17, 2013

ATLANTA, Ga. — Carlsberg Events uses the Kamstrup water meter to keep an exact account of their beer sales.

ATLANTA, Ga. — Carlsberg Events, a Denmark-based company that supplies beer for events and concerts, recently began using the Kamstrup water meter to keep an exact account of their beer sales, according to a press release.

Carlsberg installed the electronic water meter at each beer sales location and collects consumption data logged in the meters once a day, the release reported.

"It was a stroke of luck that someone in my team got the idea of using the Kamstrup water meter for keeping account of our sales at the festivals," said Lars P. Fyrst, event manager from Carlsberg. "Traditional water meters can be used, but the new electronic type provides us with a number of very useful benefits like data caching and wireless transmission of consumption data."

The Kamstrup water meter, continued the release, is able to break consumption data into single pints because of ultrasonic measuring.

In addition, Carlsberg employees are immediately alerted of leaks and "dry" meters through the wireless data system, the release noted.

For more information on Kamstrup meters please visit www.kamstrup.com.