Philips InstantTrust now certified to international standards

Nov. 5, 2013

AMSTERDAM — The disinfection products have undergone stringent testing since launching in 2011.

AMSTERDAM — Philips InstantTrust, a range of water disinfection solutions, is now certified to major water standards, according to a press release.

The InstantTrust 27W in-line solution is in compliance with CE guidelines, has been granted UL approval for electrical safety and has been certified for materials in contact with drinking water from the National Institute of Public Health in Poland, ACS in France, KIWA in the Netherlands and Intertek in the U.K., the release reported.

InstantTrust solutions launched in 2011; since that time it has undergone tests for reduction of MS2 and E. coli at different flow rates and on other microorganisms such as yeast, Micrococcus lutea and K. terringena, noted the release.

According to the release, all tests met customers' expectations and requirements and a range of InstantTrust solutions are now available for OEMs to integrate as close as possible to the dispensing outlet.

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