WRF publishes two water utility workforce projects

Nov. 6, 2013

DENVER — The projects aim to help water utilities better meet their workforce needs.

DENVER — Water Research Foundation (WRF) has published two projects aimed at helping water utilities better meet their workforce needs, according to a press release.

"Competency Model Development and Application to Meet Water Utility Workforce Needs (Project #4244)" and its accompanying web tool focuses on applying competency modeling to improve job performance, the release reported.

"Water Utility Executive Leadership for the 21st Century (Project #4342)" presents a summary of executive positions in the water community, including demographics, educational qualifications, professional backgrounds, etc., according to the release.

"The multi-faceted challenges facing water utilities demand that they have top-tier work forces at all levels of their organizations," said Robert Renner, executive director of WRF. "These two reports will provide the resources utilities need to hire, train and promote the right people needed to meet these challenges now and in the future."

Visit the WRF website for more information.