Treatment plant creates electricity from cheese-making wastewater

Nov. 19, 2013

TURTLE LAKE, Wis. — GreenWhey Energy converts wastewater from cheese and soy processing to fertilizer, heat and electricity.

TURTLE LAKE, Wis. — A new bio-wastewater treatment and processing facility, GreenWhey Energy, handles wastewater from cheese and soy processing plants, according to an article on

The wastewater used to be spread on crop fields, the article reported, but tighter Department of Natural Resources regulations have limited this practice.

Instead, GreenWhey converts the wastewater into electricity, heat and fertilizer, according to the article.

GreenWhey works with seven dairies, continued the article, each of which supply thousands of gallons of wastewater daily.

According to the article, the only by-products of the process are water, bio-solids for fertilizer and clean energy.

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