H2O Direct and Watch Water form joint venture

Nov. 21, 2013

CROWBOROUGH, U.K. — The partnership will focus on water filters for residential and commercial applications.

CROWBOROUGH, U.K. — H2O Direct has entered into a partnership with Watch Water Gmbh with the support of Microfilter to promote the Watch SP Series of water filters and Microfilter products through its joint venture company WATCHH2O, according to an article by Planet Vending.

The joint venture was announced at Aquatech in Amsterdam, the article noted.

The partnership will concentrate on the SP series of vending filters, the article reported, but also work to develop new filters for residential and commercial applications.

“Watch Water has for many years, been pushing forwards with many ideas and products in the industrial water sector, and now with this joint venture into the commercial side with WATCHH2O, we will be pushing forward with many new products starting off with the recently launched SP 510 & SP520 commercial filters," said Deepak Chopra, Watch Water president. Our aim is to provide the highest quality medias for water treatment and make it available to the commercial customers who are dealing with problems like scale build up, and we know for sure our products will be the very best available on the market today."

“With Watch Water Gmbh technology, Microfilter’s ability to make the highest quality filters and H2O Direct’s ability also to bring new products to the market, it is the ideal solution to have a joint venture with Watch Water," said Jim Redford of H2O Direct.

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