Postage in the U.S. — a Bargain!

Nov. 22, 2013

Despite recent cost increases, the price of U.S. mail is much less than in other countries.

The USPS has proposed raising the cost of a first-class mail single-piece letter from 46 cents to 49 cents.

This change will go into effect on Jan. 26, 2014, raising about $2 billion in revenue for the Postal Service.

No one is happy about the increase, but if you think 49 cents is expensive, check out these other countries’ first class rates:

Denmark $1.46
Norway $1.25
Liechtenstein $1.06
Finland $1.02
Greenland $1.00
Switzerland $0.98
Belgium $0.97
Faroe Islands $0.96
Portugal $0.93
Sweden $0.92
Japan $0.90
Kuwait $0.88
New Caledonia $0.87
France $0.82
French Polynesia $0.82
Greece $0.82
Italy $0.82
Luxembourg $0.82
Monaco $0.82
San Marino $0.82
Vatican $0.82
New Zealand $0.80
Austria $0.75
Germany $0.75
Ireland $0.75
Great Britain $0.72
Martinique $0.72
Wallis and Futuna Islands $0.64
Iceland $0.63
Netherlands $0.63
Netherlands Antilles $0.61
Czech Republic $0.58
Isle of Man $0.58
Canada $0.57
Guernsey $0.57
Australia $0.55
Jersey $0.54

Gee, maybe 49 cents isn’t so bad after all…

***Marketers need to remember that their direct mail will go out at bulk rate — not at 49 cents each. Remember to target your prospects for best response and highest efficiency. Direct marketing will still give your dealership the best ROI. Direct mail rocks!

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