London fined $20,000 for aluminum sulphate spill

Dec. 3, 2013

LONDON — The spill occurred at the Greenway Pollution Control Centre wastewater treatment plant.

LONDON — The City of London was fined $20,000 plus a 25 percent victim fine surcharge after a spill at the Greenway Pollution Control Centre wastewater plant, according to an article by mondaq.

The city owns and operates the Greenway plant, which treats municipal wastewater and dischargers it into the Thames River, the article noted.

According to the article, aluminum sulphate spilled in the plant when an aluminum sulphate storage tank was empty and out of service due to a broken draw-line; the valve leading to the tank was opened allowing aluminum sulphate to flow into the tank and out the broken draw-line.

The spill breached the city's Ministry of the Environment approval for a wastewater treatment plant, the article reported.

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