Survey of industry leaders looks at benefits of soft water

Dec. 6, 2013

WELLINGBOROUGH, U.K — Ecowater U.K. interviewed seven industry leaders for the survey.

WELLINGBOROUGH, U.K — Water softener manufacturer Ecowater U.K. has conducted a survey of seven water treatment industry leaders to find the top reasons a homeowner might need a water softener, according to a press release.

Currently, 85 percent of U.S. and 60 percent of U.K. households have hard water, the release reported.

According to the release, the following industry leaders contributed to the survey: Jolyon Lomax of On Tap Water Treatment, Richard Bisgrove of Pure Choice, Simon Howton of Sterling Softeners, Alison of Soft Options Water Softeners Ltd. and Water Technology's Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo.

“Hard water is found to hamper certain appliances’ performance levels and research continues to show cost savings in soap and detergent usage with soft water and the avoidance of cleaning residue, particularly scale, associated with hard water," said DiPaolo.

Howton stated similar reasons for a water softener: "Fitting a water softener will gently wash away existing scale from your pipes and appliances restoring them to full efficiency. Softened water is kinder to the environment, reducing heating costs as well as allowing you to cut down on soaps and detergents by at least 50 percent. Less use of soaps and detergents saves you money and means healthier skin for all the family."

Read the full survey here.