What’s wrong with my water?

Dec. 10, 2013

Why new homeowners are great prospects for water treatment products.

Let’s face it, the water never tastes the same in the new house as it did in the old one.

If you move from the city into the county or from the suburbs into the city, your water will taste differently.

Every part of the U.S. has different sources for their water. If you are in Portland, Ore. your water comes from melted snow that runs down in mountain streams to the collection point. This water has never been underground and never stored in tanks.  

If you are in a low flat area your water will have been pumped from deep wells up into tanks and then drained down to you. Depending on the minerals in the ground you will have different flavors. Sulfur, iron, calcium, fluoride and many other things can be in the water. Plus, while in the elevated water towers the higher temps make the water warmer giving it a whole other flavor. Some areas have their water stored in reservoirs and there are fish swimming in it.
People who move around the nation are familiar with the changes in water flavor. There are even a few places in the country where the water is actually naturally carbonated!

Regardless of area, reports of water contamination have raised consumer awareness and concern about the safety and quality of all water sources, both public and private.

And, while most people today are concerned about the quality of their drinking water, not everyone is sure whether they really need a water treatment system or how to choose one. Sure, bottled water is an option, but the cost and environmental impact suggest that new homeowners look for a more efficient filtration solution.

This is why new homeowners are the number one prospect group for water treatment dealers.

A new homeowner may not buy the first week or month they are in their new home but eventually, they will buy some kind of filtration unit or upgrade the existing system in their home. After all, a new home is a long-term investment and a new homeowner will not only want to protect the value of their home but the health and well-being of their family.

Water dealers who are interesting in growing their business need to continually reach out to this lucrative market.

All signs point to a renewed housing market in 2014. Dealers need to make sure their marketing plans include a new homeowner program.

Dealers who would like to know how many new homeowners are moving into their territories can call the Dataman Group office at (800) 771-3282 or visit the Dataman Group website at www.datamangroup.com

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