Duo creates organization to redesign Mexico’s wastewater management

Dec. 19, 2013

GAINSVILLE, Fla. — Terry Griffith and Janna Owen of Chaac water group are concentrating on the water in San Miguel de Allende.

GAINSVILLE — A civil and environmental engineer and an aquatic biologist have established the Chaac water group, which aims to improve wastewater management in Mexico, according to an article by The Gainsville Sun.

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Founders Terry Griffith and Janna Owen have focused their efforts on the water outside of San Miguel de Allende in the north central highlands of Mexico, where wastewater is polluting water around the city, the article reported.

The wastewater there is used for irrigating crops that locals eat to survive, often passing on pathogens and byproducts, continued the article.

Seventy percent of the crops grown with well-water in Mexico are exported to the U.S., since the USDA prohibits wastewater-grown crops.

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The pair is working to come up with a plan to decrease wastewater irrigation in the area, the article reported.

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