Prominent water scientist urges better groundwater governance

Dec. 30, 2013

ADELAIDE, South Australia — Craig Simmons of NGCRT warns of dangerous scarcities, economic impacts and potential conflicts over groundwater resources.

ADELAIDE, South Australia — Craig Simmons, Director of Australia's National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) has urged international governments to take action in developing the UNESCO Global Framework for Action on groundwater governance, according to an article by

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"Groundwater governance may sound like a dry argument to some people — but it's a life-and-death issue for millions. It also affects the ability of countries like China and India to continue to grow their economies and to feed three billion people. And, since water scarcity is sometimes a trigger for conflict, it also holds the key to a more peaceful world," said Simmons.

Groundwater makes up 97 percent of the available freshwater in the world, according to the article, and since 1900, the world has drawn down the supply by 4500 cubic kilometers.

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"A significant part of the world's food supply depends on groundwater – which is already starting to run short in critical regions such as the western USA, Mexico, northwestern Sahara, Indus Basin and North China Plain," Simmons said. "This is something every consumer should be concerned about, as it affects global food prices."

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