Nelsen Corporation celebrates 60th anniversary

Jan. 2, 2014

NORTON, Ohio — The company will hold a 60th anniversary sweepstakes for which all dealers are eligible.

NORTON, Ohio — Nelsen Corporation has been providing world-class customer service and the highest quality water treatment equipment for over 60 years. With locations in Ohio, Arizona, Texas and Florida, our broad inventory and ability to customize products for both commercial and home customers is legendary within the water solutions industry.

Nelsen Corporation was founded in 1954 by Emil and Ron Nelsen as Century Water Conditioning Company, a retail pump and water softener dealership. Originally located in Emil Nelsen’s residence in North Royalton, Ohio, operations were conducted from an enclosed back-porch office and a small barn that served as the warehouse.

Although most sales were to homeowners at retail prices, a few well drillers and pump dealers were also regular customers. As sales increased, more and more products were purchased directly from manufacturers in order to supply the dealer trade and eventually became 100% wholesale trade to the Professional Dealer.

The company has seen substantial growth over the years; 2014 marks the 60th year for Nelsen Corporation and after all these years Nelsen Corporation has become the largest family-owned and operated OEM. In honor of these 60 years, Nelsen Corporation is pleased to announce its “60th Anniversary Sweepstakes”!  Nelsen Corporation will award the grand prize winner for 2014 a new Ford F150 Pickup.

Every dealer in good standing with Nelsen Corporation will receive one chance for each $500 in invoiced merchandise (excluding freight and taxes). There’s no limit on how many times an individual dealer may enter – spend $1,000 and get two chances to win; spend $100,000 and receive 200 chances and so on and so on! Dealers can also earn bonus entries through online sales, commercial orders or sales increases.

No purchase is necessary to enter this Sweepstakes. Complete rules are available on the company’s website,

Nelsen Corporation can be reached toll free at 800-362-9686 (Ohio), 866-445-4299 (Arizona), 855.674.0357 (Texas) and 866-712-6796 (Florida).

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