Indian dyeing industry polluting Bandi River, diminishing resources

Jan. 2, 2014

JAIPUR, Rajasthan — A recent study by the Geological Survey of India found that dyeing wastewater is diminishing groundwater and forest resources.

JAIPUR, Rajasthan — A recent report by the Geological Survey of India has found that the dyeing industry has been discharging contaminated wastewater into the Bandi River, according to an article by the Times of India.

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The wastewater has rendered surrounding agricultural land infertile and is also depleting the groundwater and forest resources in the area, the article reported.

"For cloth dyeing, huge amount of water is required by the industries. Water is supplied from the local dug wells in the agriculture fields. High rate of withdrawal of water has deteriorated the quality of groundwater as reported by the local people. Wood and charcoal made from wood is used for boilers in the factories. This has adversely affected the dwindling forest resource of the area," said the report.

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Samples of the wastewater in the river and from dug wells surrounding the river found high concentrations of TDS, chloride and sulfate, high conductivity and lead content above the permissible level, according to the article.

The five treatment plants in the area cannot treat the total volume of wastewater the dyeing industry generates, noted the article.

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