Nebraska shooting range causing lead pollution

Jan. 6, 2014

BEATRICE, Neb. — A well drilled near the firing range has shown trace levels of lead from bullets.

BEATRICE, Neb. — Lead from a firing range in Nebraska is apparently leaching into groundwater nearby, according to an article by the Beatrice Daily Sun.

The private training range is used regularly by law enforcement, whose bullets go into a bank of ground behind the targets, the article noted.

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A monitoring well drilled near the shooting range showed small traces of lead in the water, the article reported, but officials are concerned the levels could rise.

“At this point there is no risk," said Board of Public Works manager Tobias Tempelmeyer. "It’s something we want to monitor and make sure is not a problem in the future.”

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Engineers from Olsson Associates are monitoring the situation; currently water from the affected area does not intersect with drinking water used by residents, the article reported.

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