AES Water Solutions forms alliance with Resource West Inc.

Jan. 9, 2014

HOUSTON — The strategic alliance agreement will allow AES to offer RWI storage tanks and wastewater disposal systems to customers.

HOUSTON — HII Technologies Inc., an oilfield services company, has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary AES Water Solutions has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Resource West Inc. (RWI), a Colorado based designer, manufacturer and provider of modular above-ground storage tanks and onsite wastewater evaporation units, according to a press release.

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The agreement will broaden and enhance the overall services of AES by offering rapid deployment water storage tanks and flow back/wastewater disposal systems to customers seeking comprehensive water management services and cost reduction systems, the release reported.

AES will purchase or lease RWI's Commander Series Above Ground Water Storage Tanks, servicing and renting them out to AES customers, continued the release, and will also purchase RWI Landshark Wastewater Evaporator Units.

According to the release, RWI equipment and systems will enable AES to provide modular on-site water storage tanks and an operation to minimize wastewater disposal for its clients' well site operations.

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"The Resource West alliance is strategic for our firm, enabling us to expand our service offering by immediately providing assembled above ground tanks in a few hours set up time for our customers with the necessary storage facilities for fresh and recycled water used during [fracking]," said Brent Mulliniks, president of AES Water Solutions. "AES's ability to recycle or evaporate the flow back wastewater, on or near the drill site, significantly reduces the cost of transporting, disposing and purchasing of new fresh water."

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