Charleston to file lawsuit over water contamination crisis

Jan. 23, 2014

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Mayor Jones said the crisis cost the city $120,000 in lost tax revenue and an unknown amount of tourism dollars.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones has announced that the city will be filing a lawsuit regarding the water contamination crisis that plagued nine West Virginia counties this month, according to an article by Metro News.

“We are not sure who the defendants will be and we’re not sure who the plaintiffs will be,” said Jones.

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Up to 7,500 gallons of MCHM and PPH were leaked into the Elk River from a storage tank at Freedom Industries and entered the West Virginia American Water treatment plant two weeks ago, the article noted.

The crisis has cost the city $120,000 in lost tax revenue and, according to Jones, has hurt tourism in the city, reported the article.

According to the article, damages to city businesses such as restaurants, beauty shops and hotels are likely enormous, but numbers are not yet available.

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