New Replacement Enclosure for Wedeco™ GLI and CHI UV Systems

Jan. 27, 2014

UV Superstore’s enclosure will keep systems running efficiently for years with low maintenance.

UV Superstore is proud to announce our new replacement enclosure for the discontinued Wedeco™ GLI and CHI series of industrial UV disinfection systems. Using non-proprietary and fully tested internal parts, our enclosure will keep your system running efficiently for years to come with lower maintenance costs, yet still delivering the same performance. The enclosure is made of 304SS with a sealed window kit. High heat shutoff and digital UV monitor with dry contacts and 4-20mA output available for full system functionality. This replacement enclosure is compatible for Models GLI -2 through GLI-25 and CHI-2 through CHI-50, single lamp to six lamp systems. For more information, contact UV Superstore at 770-307-3882 or visit us on the web at