New market study predicts steady growth for municipal water treatment

Jan. 28, 2014

DUBLIN — The report from Research and Markets describes the present and future market volumes up to 2017.

DUBLIN — Research and Markets has released a new market report, "Market Study Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants in Europe (Analyst version)," according to a press release on Digital Journal.

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The report shows that the market for municipal wastewater treatment plants will continue to grow in the long term, noted the release.

The number of municipal wastewater treatment plants in Europe has increased steadily while their technical standard improved over the last 20 years, the release reported.

According to the release, the EU Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive and the EU Water Framework Directive still provide the strongest market stimuli, especially in Eastern and Southern Europe, while maintenance, renewals and operation cost reduction dominates in Central and Northern Europe.

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The market study includes an overview of the essential political, economic, managerial, operational and technical trends affecting the supplier market for municipal wastewater treatment, continued the release, as well as a precise description of the present and the future market volumes, up to and including 2017.

Read the full release here.