Contamination cuts off water supply to 80 Indian villages

ALLAHABAD, India — Local officials have been alarmed by an increase in serious health issues caused by iron, nitrate and chloride contamination.


ALLAHABAD, India — Residents of 80 villages in the trans-Ganga and Yumuna regions of India are suffering health problems from high levels of iron, nitrates, chlorides and turbidity in their groundwater, according to an article by The Times of India.

The district has sent a dozen tankers of water in response to increased reports of heart, kidney and blood problems in the area, the article reported.

"The high level of harmful substances along with disturbing status of pH factor, turbidity and hardness of water, forced us to undertake an extensive potable water testing campaign in 1,424 villages of the district. It was revealed that the water in around 80 villages, including Khai, Taraul, Hindupur, Kardana, Niwi, Takriya, Maheva, Gugari, Bhunda, Basahi, Chanini, Baramar, Hatwa and Basahi was not fit for drinking," said a senior official of the rural development department.

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"Every third or fourth person visiting us is being diagnosed with some ailment caused by consumption of contaminated water," said Dr. Puneet Kumar of the Shankargarh Community Health Centre. "Majority of the patients complains of thyroid related problems. Cases of typhoid, diarrhea and jaundice are also on the rise in the affected villages."

In addition to deploying the tankers, the article noted, the rural development department has also taken up deep-boring and chlorination to address the problem.

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