Spreading community awareness to educate neighbors about the value of water

Feb. 25, 2014

Municipalities, working with local dealers, need to educate homeowners on making necessary changes to their water treatment and delivery systems.

If you are a regular reader of WaterTech e-News Daily and WaterTechOnline.com, you are aware that we cover water scarcity and conservation on a regular basis. The statistics that we publish on the availability of water throughout the world today and its bleak forecast for the future are staggering.

New data predicts another dry month for westernmost states

Earlier this year, the California Water Foundation and the East Bay Municipal Water District, announced the results of a pilot program referred to as the “behavioral water efficiency” program.

A critical part of the program was displayed when residential customers were given the opportunity to compare their water consumption with similar neighbors.

A change in mindset

In an upcoming issue of Water Technology, we will publish an article that will look at this program and its impact in more depth. As education and information has advanced over the years, we are learning that water conservation is only a temporary solution. Municipalities and community leaders, including water treatment professionals, are in a position to help change consumers’ mindset. Instead, as supported by the program, water efficiency should be encouraged.

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When homeowners and business owners understand and practice water efficiency, they are taking long-term steps to help protect our water supplies now and into the future. According to our upcoming article, long-term water efficiency strategies are a key topic right now in California. Last year was one of the driest in California’s history and this year is trending in the same direction for the state. Further, these conditions are occurring at a time when state utility companies are required to reduce per capita water consumption by 20 percent by the end of the decade.

Municipalities throughout the country, working with local dealers, need to educate homeowners on making necessary changes to their water treatment and delivery systems. These changes include installing lower flow water-use fixtures, including faucets and showerheads. These utilities can also consider changing their own equipment for lower energy needs and waste ratios.

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Unfortunately, the issue of water supply concerns does not appear to be fading anytime soon. Municipalities and the communities they serve need to shift their focus to more longer term solutions of water efficiency.    

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