California’s Governor Brown signs $687 million drought-relief package

March 3, 2014

LOS ANGELES — The drought relief will fund projects from storm-water recapturing to food and housing assistance.

LOS ANGELES — California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a $687 million drought-relief package to deal with the state's ongoing water crisis, according to an article by

"This legislation marks a crucial step – but Californians must continue to take every action possible to conserve water," said Brown in a statement.

The drought relief will fund storm-water recapturing, expanded use of recycled water, better management of groundwater storage, stronger water conservation measures, contaminants becoming concentrated in groundwater and food and housing assistance to people affected by the drought, the article reported.

California's drought could also affect other states by driving up prices for produce, as the state grows half the nation's fruits and vegetables, noted the article.

According to the article, funding for the relief package comes from accelerated spending of bond money previously approved by voters.

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