Taronga Zoo elephants go green

April 18, 2014

SYDNEY — The elephants are now using 100 percent recycled wastewater for drinking and bathing.

SYDNEY — Zookeepers at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney are now using 100 percent recycled water for drinking and bathing water for their elephants, according to an article by the Daily Telegraph.

The zoo's water treatment plant captures and recycles about 60 percent of the water it uses each day, reported the article, which was used primarily for law irrigation and exhibit cleaning.

But elephant keepers have found that the elephants prefer the recycled water for drinking because of its salty taste, and it is also being used to hose them off at the end of the day, noted the article.

“Elephants throw dirt on themselves and get very messy throughout the day, so it’s important we hose them down in the afternoon,” said Ian Gleichman, an elephant keeper at the zoo.

According to the article, recycled water is also used to fill moats and flush toilets at the zoo.

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